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a tiny grain

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Autoantibodies to GP2, the major zymogen granule membrane glycoprotein, are new markers in Crohn's disease.
It has been consistently shown in various animal models that one of the first events in acute experimental pancreatitis consists of the premature activation of digestive enzymes within the acinar cell by co-segregation of zymogen granules with lysosomal enzymes, particularly cathepsin B.
Acinic cell carcinoma shows overlapping architectural features with MASC, (3,8) but it typically shows basophilic cytoplasm containing periodic acid-Schiff-positive zymogen granules ("blue dot tumor"; Figure 2).
These are large, polygonal cells with abundant and lightly basophilic and granular cytoplasm that contains dense, blue-purple, fine to coarse zymogen granules (figure 2).
These bodies are bluish pink in adjacent sections stained with hematoxylin and eosin and presumably are the zymogen granules released from secretory cells during food processing in this tissue.