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a plant spore formed by two similar sexual cells

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This inverse relationship between oxygen evolution and zygospore production was not distinctly demonstrated in cultures grown at various levels of Mg[Cl.sub.2].
Three pairs of sibling lines were established by crossing three pairs of strains, isolating a single random zygospore from each cross and then randomly isolating a single [mt.sup.+] and a single [mt.sup.-] spore from each germinated zygospore.
Cosmarium bromelicola occurred in 18 from a total of 80 samples collected and zygospores were not found.
The Mucorales are characterized by aseptate (coenocytic) hyaline hyphae, sexual reproduction with the formation of zygospores, and asexual reproduction with nonmotile sporangiospores (21).
However, at room temperature, C recurvatus grows faster and produces hyphae, sporangiospores and, occasionally, zygospores. Other features that would not support external and/or laboratory contamination is the 7-month interval between cases, the lack of fungal forms on other Pap tests processed simultaneously, and the use of liquid-based Pap tests from different lots.
Description of zygospores in Tectimyces robustus and clarification on homothallic species within Harpellales.