zygomatic process

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a slender process of the temporal bone that strengthens the zygomatic arch

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PC3 accounted for 9.6 % of the overall variation and was highly associated with the condylobasal length (LCb) and breadth of the upper ramus of the zygomatic process of the maxilla (A).
episcopus (internal 1) share the characters: present transpalatine process (character 34, condition 1); present emargination of the retrodorsal edge of the postorbital process (character 33, condition 1); conspicuous intercotilaris crest (character 30, condition 0); conspicuous coronoid process (character 29, condition 1); short orbital process of the quadrate (character 20, condition 1); reduced ectethmoid body (character 11, condition 1); zygomatic process about 50% of the distance between its origin and the jugal bar (character 8, condition 1) and short postorbital process (character 5, condition 1).
Pneumatized air cells present in the zygomatic process of the temporal bone, which appears similar to the mastoid air cells and which does not extend further anteriorly than the zygomatico-temporal suture, entitled as zygomatic air cell defect (ZACD).
We extend the incision at the nasolabial fold down to the submalar aspect of the maxilla or to the inferior zygomatic process, depending on the vector chosen and the amount of tension needed.
Exclusion and inclusion criteria: only patients who had enough distance between the bottom of the vestibule before surgery and nasal spine and with the zygomatic process were reported in this study.
fringilloides were outside the variation in the rest of Lonchura on only one character (shape of the zygomatic process).
The temporomandibular ligament provides lateral support extending from the zygomatic process of the temporal bone to the condylar neck.
* Zygomatic process. The zygomatic process of the maxilla arises from the anterolateral corner of the maxilla and articulates with the zygoma.