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Zygomatic breadth###7.65+-0.12###8.81+-0.14###6.55+-0.80###7.52+-0.14###9.89+-0.13
Zygomatic bone is the most prominent part of the facial skeleton, and can cause significant esthetic disfigurement as a result of trauma and subsequent fractures.
distance from the gnathion after the aboral edge of the hard palate, CI--thickness of the incisor, IBW--width of the braincase, A--breadth of the upper ramus of the zygomatic process of the maxilla, and B--breadth of the zygomatic arch.
Therefore, the importance of complementary image exams to assist in reaching a correct diagnosis is evident, particularly in the relation between the abnormal coronoid process and the zygomatic arch, given that it is the most frequent case of mandibular hypomobility.
Panoramic radiographs in which the zygomatic arch was not seen clearly and cases with previous history of maxillofacial fractures or had maxillofacial anomalies were excluded from our study.
With p < 0.004, large face and average face (*) had zygomatic angles Tr-Zy-Go (.r; I) inferior to that of long face (* *).
The nerve crosses over the hind part of the zygomatic arch posterior to the superficial temporal artery (Figure 1(b) and Table 1).
There are several reconstructive techniques that involve the use of vascularized or nonvascularized autogenous material or prosthetic devices with dental and/or zygomatic implants.
The white area represents the swung anterior maxilla, and the blue area (inferior part of the zygomatic arch) represents the area removed for visualization purposes.
1B); individual hairs with white bases comprising approximately onethird of the length in the upper back region; calcar slightly longer than hindfoot; metacarpal formulae III<IV<V; mastoid breadth less than zygomatic breadth (Table 1); upper premolars subequal in height and anteroposterior length; second lower premolar shorter that the first and third (Fig.
But Ivan did not come out and just brought Gio later to the police station to report the incident Subsequently Ivan brought his son to a hospital for medical examination showing contusions in the scapular and zygomatic area.
[12] The main trunk is most accessible where it crosses superficial to the zygomatic process of the temporal bone just anterior to the tragus.