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the slender arch formed by the temporal process of the cheekbone that bridges to the zygomatic process of the temporal bone

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Large number of purple bruises had been identified around orbits, forehead, chest wall, and zygoma of the child.
With smooth surfacing, due to zygoma excision and temporalis muscle coverage, LD mission to resurface the defect was achieved easily with improved final contouring.
Shuttleworth et al reported a case of orbital cellulitis in a 16-year-old girl after a zygoma fracture; they concluded that antibiotic prophylaxis is necessary in all cases to prevent infectious complications.
Usually mandibular lesions are truly monostotic, where maxillary lesions often involves adjacent bones like zygoma, sphenoid and occipital, hence forth they are not strictly monostotic but they fall into designation of craniofacial forms.
An oblique cut with a handsaw is then made through the bridge of the nose and zygoma to the pharynx.
There is also a facial scoliosis due to ipsilateral involvement of the nasal bone, zygoma and maxilla.
Ectophallus with robust diverging anterior apodemes, which continue caudally beyond the zygoma and join together to form a prominent V-shaped process overhanging the aedeagus (arrowed in Fig.
Dr Adrian McGoldrick, the Turf Club's chief medical officer, said yesterday: "Johnny went to St James's Hospital in Dublin this morning and the x-rays revealed he had a hairline fracture of the zygoma, which is the bone under his eye.
The buccal fat pad is attached by 6 ligaments to the maxilla, posterior zygoma, and inner and outer rims of the infra-orbital fissure, temporalis tendon and buccinator membrane.
The chi-square and Fisher's exact tests were used to determine associations between facial fractures (mandible, zygoma, maxilla, nose and more than one facial bone) and gender, age, place of residence (urban or rural area) and type of accident.
Zygoma of cingulum narrow; rami broad; apodemes slightly shorter than basal valves of penis moderately broad with obtuse apices.
Some investigators support intervention surveys (Blanas et al, 2004): special needle electrode is pricked below zygoma against lower jaw temporal joint 4-4.
This study therefore aimed at determining the position of the pterion using the mid point of the zygoma and the frontozygomatic suture as palpable points.
The facial bones that have been affected by the malformation are the left zygoma, maxilla and mandible.