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the slender arch formed by the temporal process of the cheekbone that bridges to the zygomatic process of the temporal bone

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Two points on the skull were marked, the first being the inion and the second the root of zygoma. A line is marked connecting the inion and root of zygoma.
Ectophallus (Figs 3D-E, 4B-C, 5D-E, 6C-D).--The cingulum has a well-sclerotised zygoma, which bears short, curved cingular apodemes, giving a horseshoe shaped appearance in dorsal view (these are distinctly different from the longer, more orthogonally arranged apodemes of Serpusia--see below).
(A = anterior; S = superior; OA = orbital apex; Z = zygoma; R = right; IT = inferior turbinate; F = frontal sinus.)
"OSA was independently associated with intracranial bone (calvaria and skull base) thinning and not with extracranial (zygoma) thinning," the authors write.
Distribution of bone fractures by structures was 661 mandibular fractures (52.2%), 408 zygoma fractures (32.2%), 217 maxillary fractures (17.1%), 107 orbital fractures (8.4%), 50 nasal fractures (3.9%), 38 frontal sinus fractures (3%), 36 panfacial fractures (2.8%), and 33 nasoorbitoethmoid fractures (2.6%).
The implant systems used were Branemark System[R] MK-III and Zygoma TiUnite (Nobel Biocare, Zurich, Switzerland).
After the skin incision, a superior and inferior dissection was made to reach supraorbital and infraorbital margins, respectively, to expose the lateral wall; an electro-saw was used to cut the zygoma, and then it was fractured laterally with the use of a rongeur.
Pyocyaneus osteomyelitis of the temporal bone, mandible and zygoma. Laryngoscope 1959; 69: 1300-16.
While complaints in nine patients had just begun, one patient who underwent partial mandibulectomy and excision in the mouth floor for tumor visited our hospital due to recurrent lesion and one patient who previously underwent excision in the left zygoma and in the lower lip for squamous cell carcinoma sought a consultation for newly emerging ulcerated mass in the mouth floor.
Orbital apex syndrome associated with fractures of the zygoma and orbital floor.
Sinus shots can be done by injecting straight onto the zygoma on the periosteum if there has been a sinus perforation after dental surgery, again especially over Ah Shi points.
Infraorbital nerve injury associated with zygoma fractures: documentation with neurosensory testing.