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the facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition

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ISLAMABAD -- Zoo in its real form means a place where animals of different species are kept in confinement for public display so that people may get acquaintance with wildlife which comprises a vital part of the ecosystem and food chain.
The sources pointed out that a comprehensive plan is underway to develop and modernise the Giza Zoo and other zoos across the various governorates, under the directives of the political leadership and the Prime Minister's orders.
Hsinchu Mayor Lin Chih-chien said the zoo has been serving for three generations, and visiting the zoo has been part of common memories many locals share, CNA reported.
He termed the zoos as prisons where animals were being kept as innocent prisoners.
ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad High Court Friday expressed its concern over lack of international standards at the Marghazar Zoo of the federal capital.
I believe that animals shouldn't be kept in zoos because they have the right to be free, but I also think that zoos are a wonderful place to learn about animals and their habitats.
According to a senior official of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI), a large portion of food purchased for Marghazar Zoo is taken to the zoos in the presidency and Prime Minister House as they do not spend on their zoos from their own budgets and put the burden on MCI.
The report has been compiled by the investigation committee formed to probe the back-to-back deaths of animals at the zoo.
bsac-850950-462767719-placeThree days later on May 4, the zoo lost one of its monkeys.
Baku Zoo will open its doors for guests with new animals after the major reconstruction work.
A video showing an orangutan smoking a cigarette at an Indonesian zoo went viral, sparking renewed criticism over alleged mistreatment of animals.
What's the biggest challenge facing the Little Rock Zoo? The Little Rock Zoo faces challenges similar to any business or nonprofit.
Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah was closed down by Dubai Municipality (DM) in preparation for the opening of Dubai Safari.
In a world where some of our favorite animals--including lions, cheetahs, frogs, elephants, and others-are at risk of vanishing forever like the dinosaurs, zoos are a safe haven from poaching, habitat loss, climate change, and disease.