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a camera lens that magnifies the image

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5 broadcast zoom lenses deliver 4K quality across their zoom ranges by preventing resolution degradation around the edges and controlling all types of aberrations.
Zoom lenses were around in the 1980s, but unless you had lots of disposable cash you were restricted to cheaper brands where image quality was inferior, particularly in the higher telephoto range.
Canon's long-field HDTV zoom lenses are the most widely used lenses in HD sports and entertainment production.
3x telephoto zoom lenses covering the 70-300mm range of focal lengths (effective angles of view equivalent to those of a lens with 105-450mm focal lengths in FX and 35mm 135 formats) and maximum apertures of f/4.
New Precision-Matched Wide-Angle and Telephoto Zoom Lenses in Both EF and PL Mounts Enhance Canon's Cinema EOS System
The PENTAX-01 STANDARD PRIME and PENTAX-02 STANDARD ZOOM lenses have been treated with a black coating identical to that used on the camera body, to enhance visual harmony.
Summary: Angenieux will showcase its line-up of award-winning, high performance zoom lenses and accessories for today's S35+mm film and large format [.
Canon's new EF Cinema Lens lineup includes four top-end zoom lenses covering a zoom range from 14.
FUJIFILM Corporation has released its latest roadmap for X mount lenses, adding five new lenses including four zoom lenses to the lineup of X mount products, which are highly regarded for their outstanding resolving power and fast aperture that produces beautiful bokeh.
The benefits of zoom lenses range from flexibility and precision performance to cost effectiveness and adaptability.
Other new lenses include an improved line of professional SD (IFpro) lenses, the first lightweight Super Telephoto HD lens, and a technology demonstration of Auto Focus capabilities for HDTV Studio and Field zoom lenses.
Expanded audio features, built-in servers and powerful zoom lenses are the highlights of Canon's newly expanded line of Network camera products, making them great solutions for webcasting, distance learning and teleconferencing needs and security monitoring.
2x Optical Zoom Lenses and Advanced Photo Features in Compact, Easy-To Use Packages
0 megapixel PowerShot SD30 Digital ELPH series focuses on fall colors and optical zoom lenses.
Enhanced Digital Drive Technology: This unique technology, available on Canon's full line of e-HDxs High Definition and e-IFxs Standard Definition portable zoom lenses, employs three Canon ultra-high-precision, microprocessor-driven digital servos with 16-bit optical encoders to control iris, zoom, and focus along with position memory, and user-defined digital functionality.