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A selection | |of exhibits from the museum's Vertebrate Zoology Department
While still working on his doctorate, Crites was appointed instructor in the Department of Zoology (now Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology), OSU.
To find out and compare year wise publication productivity in Botany and Zoology department.
After a spell as a biology teacher in York, he was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Zoology at Newcastle University in 1970.
His teaching history included classes in science and religion, physiology, zoology, anatomy, cell and molecular biology, and environmental ethics and values.
She earned her master's in natural sciences and math in zoology while pregnant with her seventh child, receiving her degree in 1957.
Because any involved in zoology can't miss it: it's unique, funny and makes fun of scientific method in general--using a format and presentation which seems to provide facts disguised as humor.
degree from Karachi University in Zoology (Entomology Morpho-taxonomy) in 1983 after earning the certificate of M.
But Arthur, a professor of zoology, explains how complex organisms could indeed have evolved as composites of many genetic accidents.
She was born Esther Johnson in 1920 in Illinois and graduated in 1947 from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in zoology.
in fruit fly genetics and is a research associate of Harvard University's Museum of Comparative Zoology.
Tuatara, A Living Fossil makes for an engaging an information-filled read for students of zoology.
He remains at Harvard as University Professor Emeritus and Curator of Entomology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology.
You can find many specialty dictionaries on subjects from accounting to zoology by searching the Internet.