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He joined PU Department of Zoology in Feb 2001 as Lecturer in Zoology.
The vice chancellor appreciated the management of the Zoology Department to organise the conference on emerging trends in the field.
"This book bucks the old-school paradigms of what a zoology text should be.
She received gold medal from Pakistan Academy of Sciences on the basis of her research contributions in Zoology, and Women scientist award from President of Pakistan.
The BioTECH Research Station campus--located in Zoo Miami--houses biology, chemistry, ecology and zoology labs for students to better understand the human impact on Miami's biological resources.
Chairman Department of Zoology Prof Dr Javed Iqbal Qazi lauded the scholars for being selected for the course and wished them all the best.
Among the most fascinating exhibits are in the zoology section.
| Longwood's Clare Griffith had just returned from a taste of paradise a zoology study on an unin-|habited island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
Dr Khawaja Alqama, said this while addressing the recently held Pakistan Congress of Zoology.
The venerable classic French reference on zoology has been being translated into English, and updated and in some cases expanded, volume by volume since 1999.
John Lee Crites, 86, Professor Emeritus of Zoology at The Ohio State University and noted parasitologist, died 9 January 2010.
WORRIED about the declining standard of zoology education, Delhi University has decided to write to the UGC recommending that the use of animals for education should be reduced over a period of five years and a total ban should be kept in abeyance for now.
In the present work an attempt is be made to study the comparative research performance of Botany and Zoology department of The University of Burdwan by analysing the awarded theses and related published literature outputs.
'11), the mini-profile of Robert Hurwitt incorrectly credited the critic with a degree in zoology (he had begun college as a zoology major, but graduated with his degree in English).
This may sound like a typical sensationalist claim by alarmist environmentalists, but it's backed up by evidence, according to a new study being published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology.