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dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc

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operate in parallel: zoning and restrictive covenants.
zoning is conventionally associated with public regulation and covenants
Commissioner Burden said, "Zoning is the language of the physical city, and the Department of City Planning is committed to making zoning and other important land use information readily accessible to the public.
With 112 rezonings adopted to date during the Bloomberg Administration, and more in the pipeline, ZoLa provides ay way to see the zoning changes that have been adopted or proposals under consideration in a neighborhood or citywide.
The economic purpose of zoning is to remedy market failure stemming from externalities among urban land uses.
Notwithstanding these distortions, zoning's propensity to squander resources goes beyond them.
"Since 2002, City Planning has been replacing old zoning in Queens with fine-grained plans that are tailored to fit each unique neighborhood, and we have rezoned almost 4,500 blocks in the borough in that manner," said Burden.
We have worked extensively with the community to craft a comprehensive new zoning plan so the neighborhood will no longer be threatened by out-of-scale new developments."
It is thus crucial to be aware of the applicable lapse provisions (for a discretionary approval) and potential zoning changes (for all projects), as well as what steps can be taken for keeping approvals intact until conditions allow for construction to proceed.
This article will discuss time limits on some discretionary land use approvals, as well as general vesting requirements under the New York City Zoning Resolution.
Burden also hailed Wargo's appointment, saying his knowledge of the intricacies of the zoning resolution and his ability to translate the code into text and graphics was unparalleled.
"City Planning is grateful for Tom Wargo's invaluable assistance in creating the Zoning Handbook, managing citywide zoning studies like the parking lot standards study, spearheading Lower Density Growth Management controls, and turning urban design master plans and area-wide proposals into zoning text.
Inclusionary zoning plays on the city's strong building economy and looks to trade developers higher density in exchange for putting affordable housing on their sites and, in the case of waterfront sites, building public parks.
According to a statement, the mayor's expanded inclusionary zoning program will spur 10,800 new units of housing, 3,500 of those which will be affordable.
DCP and CB8 have agreed to proceed immediately with eight rezoning areas in the community where there is a mismatch between what existing zoning allows and the predominant scale of buildings.