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(astrology) a circular diagram representing the 12 zodiacal constellations and showing their signs

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if you go to Chartres, pause before the Royal Portal in the west facade of the cathedral, see the signs of the zodiac, greet those great pagan thinkers, and say a prayer for all the world.
With ProductCenter we gain visibility and control over our product information and schedules throughout our organization," states Emily Colomes, director of engineering at Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.
Cruz then chimed in with an image strikingly similar to the cryptic notes left by the Zodiac Killer.
Zodiac is a global manufacturer of premium residential pool equipment and automation solutions.
Zodiac Aerospace provides engineered equipment and systems to the aerospace industry, together with aircraft interiors systems (cabin interiors, seats, galleys and equipment), aircraft systems (power management, fluid systems, water and waste, oxygen systems and control systems) and safety systems (escape slides, rafts and arresting systems).
The newly acquired business will operate as part of Zodiac Inflight Innovations (ZII) business, offering integrated connectivity with RAVE, ZII's inflight entertainment system.
Established in the North East in 1996, Zodiac has grown into the largest independent apprenticeship training provider in the region with more than 140 staff.
Another growth area for Zodiac Training is their health and social care provision and in another innovation they have been running a Diversity in Apprenticeship scheme to encourage more men to work in the care sector.
Media has speculated that Safran is keen to present a bid for Zodiac, the daily added.
As a data administrator at Zodiac Training, Margaret is a testament to lifelong learning.
The latest crime film from "Se7en" and "Fight Club" director David Fincher sticks as close to the real data as a movie about the never-closed Zodiac Killer case conceivably can.
A gifted illustrator and expert art director, Fumio Shiozawa's Divining the Asian Zodiac: Ancient Guide to Life And Love" is a full-color, in-depth exploration of Asian astrology that includes the use of horoscopes, personality profiles, compatibility charts, and Zodiac animal fables.
a newly formed entity owned 80 percent by Carlyle and 20 percent by Zodiac.
Because we're giving a fabulous FREE zodiac pendant to EVERY READER.