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the basic unit of money in Poland

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Teachers' salaries in Poland range between 3,045 zlotys and 5,603 zlotys per month.
The company reported earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of 2.04 billion zlotys on revenue of 6.12 billion zlotys in 2016.
PKN estimated rising oil prices added some 415 million zlotys to its profits, while revaluation of the refiner's euro-denominated loans added 342 million zlotys due to the zloty strengthening in the quarter.
The effort will cost 50 million zlotys, of which almost 30 million will be for marketing and promotion.
The Handlowy Bank held assets of 20.9 billion Zlotys (Euro 5.36 billion) over the first half of 2000 and had funds totaling 3.17 billion Zlotys (Euro 810 million).
Softbank, the leading supplier of computer programmes to Poland's banks, has announced the sale of 9.99% of shares for 128 million Zlotys (Euro 32 million) to Poland's leading software group Prokom Software.
Generale is paying around 40 Zlotys per share to the Polish-American Enterprise Fund (PAEF) and the Enterprise Credit Corporation (ECC) for their holdings in PPA.
Sendzimir made a net profit of 397.5 million Zlotys last year on sales of 1.94 billion and produced 3.5 million tonnes of steel.
PKP - whose loss is likely to reach one billion Zlotys (USD290 million) in 1998 against last year's 80 million Zlotys - is preparing for a radical restructuring, which should pave the way for its privatisation around the year 2002.
The Netherlands-based brewer, Heineken, has raised its stake in Polish brewer Zywiec from 50% to 75% through its public tender offer at 345 Zlotys per share.