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the basic unit of money in Poland

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Following an investment of nearly Zlotys 500m ($US 129.3m) during the first half of the year, Polish long-distance operator PKP Intercity is further planning to continue its fleet investment in the second half of 2019.
The zloty firmed against the euro on Monday after the Polish central bank (NBP) said in its new inflation report that it expected the currency to strengthen.
P4 -- controlled by units of Greece's Olympia Development and Iceland's Novator Partners -- announced a refinancing in March, in which it secured 7 billion zlotys in credit facilities.
PKN estimated rising oil prices added some 415 million zlotys to its profits, while revaluation of the refiner's euro-denominated loans added 342 million zlotys due to the zloty strengthening in the quarter.
The subject of the order is the task entitled reconstruction of the retaining wall in the laski village, commune of zloty stok at 0,000 - 0,060 km (heavy rainfall, may 2018).
The prime minister of Poland has said that the nation's finance ministry and the central bank could intervene in the markets if the zloty weakens, Reuters has reported.
500 Notes with the total value of PLN 50,000,000.00 (fifty million zloty), maturing on June 24th 2013 and yielding 3.34% per annum, which have been acquired by Karpacka Spolka Gazownictwa Sp.
In a statement, the central bank said, 'The National Bank of Poland has sold today a certain amount of foreign currencies in exchange for the zloty.'
The subject of the order is the task titled in the memory of generations - revitalization of a part of the historic cemetery in zloty stok - the task concerns only works within the surroundings of the guttler family mausoleum, revitalization works related to the rest of the cemetery will constitute a separate investment venture
1 point 1 of the act of 28.9.1991 on forests (consolidated text: Journal of laws of 2017, Item 788, As amended) - hereinafter: "law on forests") covering works in the field of forest breeding and protection , Fire protection, Harvesting and skidding of timber, Tourism management and use of a side forest to be carried out in the area of the zloty potok forest inspectorate in 2019.
(Say six thousand eight hundred and fifty zloty 00/100).
Part 10 - 1 900 PLN (one thousand nine hundred zloty)
Talks between three teachers trade unions and the government ended on Sunday evening with the ZNP and another union sticking by their demand for monthly salary increase of 1,000 zlotys ($262).