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Synonyms for zit

a small inflamed elevation of the skin


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The prefectural government began an Internet lecture for the physically handicapped jointly with ZIT last year after a wheelchair-bound person sent an e-mail, saying, ''I felt as if I have been isolated from society when my personal computer broke.
Imagine our zits having the effect of a Marilyn Monroe's beauty mole.
But if Plookgate is what it takes to see Sarah Palin fail and be banished back to her home state Alaska, then it will be the most useful zit in history.
Geri spent several minutes checking her skin and getting rid of unwanted zits as she sat in traffic with a pal.
The ZITs refer to an interesting time, ascosmologists describe it, back at a red-shift of 1,000.
The real lowdown on zit science: During puberty, hormones (brain chemicals that control body functions) become more active and sebaceous (oil producing) glands under the skin surge in activity.
RAUNCHY pop princess Britney Spears is on her breast form on stage - despite an earlier spot of bother with a huge zit.
1 energy efficiency renewable energy sources in public infrastructure and housing - zit.
You know that "I've never had a zit in my life" look models, celebrities and the girl next to you in homeroom are sporting?
You've got a zit on the back of your neck that's ready to explode,' he'd once told her.
BATTLE: Victoria; ZIT GIRL: Spotty Posh last night Picture: XPOSURE
Exercise cranks up perspiration, leading to prime conditions for a zit reaction.
And it could be because a car ran over the dog or I a have a zit on my shoulder and can't wear my strapless top.
the room was full of beautiful people and there wasn't a zit in the room.
When you drop your lunch tray, your BFF makes a rude comment or you're spawning a giant zit, deal with it.