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Synonyms for zippy

Synonyms for zippy

quick and energetic

marked by lively action

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It is made by die traditional mediod - in odier words, die same way as Champagne - from chenin blanc grapes, which have a moudi-watering apple zippiness which tingles and tempt widi every sip.
A combination of fresh cherry zippiness with luscious raspberry fruit.
Its zippiness in the opening stretch, in particular, is almost dizzying.
Making up the shortfall in concerto lengths, Mendelssohn was preceded by Brahms' Faustian Tragic Overture, given by Oramo and the CBSO with a welcome zippiness of articulation we do not hear often enough in this problematic composer, and with the warm glowing strings more usually associated with him.
Adjust the zippiness by adding the amount of red cayenne pepper desired.
I review books because I read so many, and television because I watch so much, and the only credential ever required of me has been a certain jetstream zippiness.
This version leads with perfumed red apple flavours but then embellishes them with bouncy grapefruit and pear drop zippiness and an appealing minty but basically savoury finish.
It's fun to drive and I was very surprised by the zippiness of the Charade.