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Synonyms for zippy

Synonyms for zippy

quick and energetic

marked by lively action

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For starters, they shortened the whole thing, making it a more concise, zippier package.
lt;p>The latest version of IQ includes technical improvements such as a "beefed up grid architecture" that will enable the database to scale to thousands of concurrent users, better usage of multicore CPUs for increased parallel processing and zippier performance, and an easier graphical user interface, said Joydeep Das, senior product manager at Sybase.
Air Force One could be something a little zippier, like say, a tandem-seat F/A-18D.
An overhaul by a new management team has created a faster, hipper and zippier show, complete with restyled graphics, a more contemporary set and three younger anchors (McFadden, Bashir and Terry Moran).
A prime example of getting this right is the much-envied fashion and celebrity weekly Grazia, which has recreated the glossy monthly as a zippier weekly read.
Now head teacher Peter Kingham is hoping someone can come up with a zippier title for the school.
This new version of the series is cooler, cheekier and filled with zippier special effects and editing than its predecessors.
Far zippier than its rivals, it churns through complex computing tasks much quicker than its forerunner, the PowerBook G4.
Overall, it looks like probiotics have wider and more serious uses than just making you feel zippier - as the TV ads for probiotic drinks would have us believe.
It certainly feds slightly zippier than my older iPAQ.
The pitch to be used this week could be even zippier than the killer track at the Basin Reserve, according to the groundsman.
The transfer rate is not as fast (4 Mbps or megabits per second) as wired connections (such as USB), although now some IR ports can transfer at a zippier 16 Mbps.
The second movement is a bit lighter and zippier, but not by much.