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Synonyms for zipper

a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab

close with a zipper


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Yoshida developed his worldwide company in an effort to monopolize competitors and be the largest manufacturer of zippers.
Because sewing machines are the primary vehicle for the attachment of zippers in both the apparel and non-apparel sectors, JUKI and YKK can leverage each other's strengths and jointly develop proprietary sewing technologies for fastening products.
Under the "Palit Zipper na Ligtas sa Tingga" (trade-in of lead-free zippers) campaign conducted by EcoWaste Coalition, Our Lady of Remedies Parish in Malate, Manila, and YKK Philippines, nontoxic and eco-friendly zippers were distributed for free.
An alternative method to release the foreskin from a zipper is to soak the area with mineral oil.
Never use petroleum-based products on anything that may come in contact with material, since the petro can damage canvas, and stitching on the zippers.
SHE's designers really put a lot of thought into women's needs, coming up with a zipper attachment system that joins the vest and pants together to create stylish, form-fitting bibs that retain heat and keep moisture out.
Packages can be closed by folding and locking the zipper, without any need to tuck it into the gusset.
The Leak-Proof zipper seals to a variety of laminates and polyethylene films.
The combination of Zip-Pak and Supreme Plastics' complementary product profiles enables Zip-Pak to provide both narrow and wider, value-added zippers, for an extensive breadth of resealable solutions.
Constructed in black 1200 D polyester and a heavy polyethylene floor, the Gorilla bag has two voluminous side compartments and long lasting heavy-duty zippers with cargo tie-downs to remove the zippers from strain.
For more information on the complete line of Fresh-Lock[R] zippers, call 800-265-0750 or 920-738-1344.
Both of the bags also have plastic, rustproof zippers and satin zipper pull guards.
The system is the only dual-web horizontal thermoform fill and seal system to apply slider zippers in line.
Though such boys bring to mind Dickensian ragamuffins replete with floppy hats and short pants made from potato sacks, the modern Euro-dickhead wears white track-pants and weird shirts, many with mock turtle necks and extraneous panels and zippers.
a young, Toledo, Ohio-based firm that markets Zippers gelatin shots, the only commercially produced version of that trendy barroom staple Jell-O shots.