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Synonyms for zing

Synonyms for zing

a brief high-pitched buzzing or humming sound

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the activeness of an energetic personality

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"A decision on a name change is due to be made by September, although the much loved zingy salad cream will still be available to enjoy with exactly the same recipe."
This zingy green sauce is the perfect partner for a piece of oily fish.
There are some zingy yellow highlights to catch the eye as well - Verbascum Gainsborough, frothy lime-green flowers of Alchemilla mollis and Euphorbia characias - and then I'd suggest putting in some citrusy spots of orange courtesy of Geum Totally Tang T erine.
Try the Trilogy Botanical Body Wash (PS16.50 for 500ml available from Debenhams) which contains a balance of zingy plant extracts and aromatherapy oils.
LEMONADE adds a touch of zingy sweetness to this non-traditional scone recipe, which uses cream instead of butter and is super quick to make.
But then another layer of crunch, the Space Raiders' zingy pickled onion firing up your senses as they mingled with the creamy cheese.
With the tournament just days away, the world's largest chain of burger released the new item on their menu, which comes with an innovative 'Vans Soccer ball specification bread roll and a zingy grilling sauce to 'liven up the World Cup mood' with McDonald's signature salad, beef and cheddar cheese, Metro.co.uk reported.
Rating 2/5 Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Mist, pounds 18 (www.origins.co.uk) THIS zingy grapefruit-based body mist sounds promising enough to lift any winter blues.
The one-two punch of avocado and salsa wilt keep your taste buds happily ping-ponging between creamy and zingy. Bonus: the tomato-laden salsa dilutes the avocado, so that each two-tablespoon serving has just 50 calories--about half what you'd get from AvoClassic's regular Guacamole.
The influence is distracting, but it does seem to be a schoolboy crush: Anderson is more self-assured in paintings such as Welcome Series: Carib, 2005, a zingy interior interpenetrated with exterior views, mixing reflections of a cafe milieu (electric fans, banquettes, posters) with whitewashed architecture behind a stinging diamond-patterned grid that one takes for a window; the WELCOME written across it is presumably ironic, given that the work would seem to convey a divided mind-set, a soul nowhere at home.
The new frozen donuts are sold in packs of 10 mini dipping donuts which can be dipped in the zingy Jaffa orange and fruity Jammy sauces to create a fun, tasty treat for adults or kids.
A zingy ginger-lime syrup to pour on top makes the flavors sing.
The new campaign emphasizes that grapefruit juice is fat-free, hydrating, packed with nutrients and tastes zingy on the tongue.
Some of the tantalizing treats are: Blender Peanut Butter Muffins, Soft Ginger Cookies, Zingy Lemon Squares, Flourless Chocolate Cake, and Orange Cappuccino Pudding Cake.
It had a nice crisp, zingy finish to match the crab to a "T".