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a rectangular tiered temple or terraced mound erected by the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians

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Believing that strong form and meaning are linked, Tilson has used a ziggurat, the form of an ancient Mesopotamian stepped pyramid connecting heaven and earth, to stimulate the viewer's curiosity.
The artist's own contributions to the A-Z Box of Friends and Family included, above the letter Z, a ziggurat. In ancient Mesopotamia, of course, a ziggurat was a pyramidal structure climbing towards the sky in stages.
During several recent trips to the southern marshlands and the Ziggurat of Ur, the ambassador, deputy chief of mission and Basrah consul general each had a firsthand view of the huge potential for tourism at these sites, and the challenges Iraq will face in terms of security, infrastructure and resource management as it works to develop the sector.
According to Mohamed Amin, of the Paris-based Fondation d'Etudes pour le Moyen-Orient (Foundation for the Study of the Middle East), Aria Ziggurat is, like many other Iranian commercial enterprises, "part of a group of companies owned by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps."
He said that the levelling of the ziggurat came as a shock because satellite images seemed to show that the structure was still untouched.
Central Library opened in 1974, designed by the John Madin architectural practice as an inverted 'ziggurat'.
He told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "our visit today to the city of Nasiriyah is to support the efforts that made to add the marshes and areas of archaeological sites to global humanitarian heritage, stressing that he would approach the / 6 / Islamic members that will participate in the voting with the rest of states participating in Istanbul, pointing out that the archaeological sites, including the ziggurat of Ur and other areas worth this support and we will stand personally to support this vital file.
Library users found the famous 'inverted ziggurat' light and spacious - though a subsequent council decision to roof over the central space resulted in some light being cut off.
Channel Island chic Ziggurat, Guernsey's newest boutique property, overlooks the capital St Peter Port (hotelziggurat.com).
From the moment Bailey calls the university library a "brick ziggurat of questionable taste" on the first page, it's clear that these pages are going to move along fast, and observers will just need to keep up.
Highly acclaimed, best-selling author Peter Balakian is the preeminent Armenian writer in English today, whether the genre is poetry (Ziggurat, Ozone Journal), memoir (Black Dog of Fate), history (The Burning Tigris), or, as in the present case, cultural criticism.
Former boxing champion Barry McGuigan and current Scottish Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Edinburgh-born Josh Taylor, opened the 272-bed Ziggurat Student Living development on the city's Leith Walk.
In this regard, CEO of Accor Hotels Group Sebastien Bazin signed a contract with representatives from an affiliated Iranian Company, Aria Ziggurat, on Tuesday.
All that changed on Tuesday, when Accor Hotels announced that it has signed a management agreement with Iranian company Aria Ziggurat Tourism Development Company.
AccorHotels said it would be the first international hotel group to launch in Iran when the deal with the owner of the hotels, Aria Ziggurat Tourism Development, takes effect next month.