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use of a word to govern two or more words though appropriate to only one

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Zeugma was the most famous town along the upper Euphrates, principally because it was the site of the only bridge across the river between the Kurdish Taurus and Babylonia.
In the case of Zeugma, archaeology will take a back seat to the needs of human industry and development.
Along the narrow, sloping banks of the River Euphrates, just north of the town of Birecik, an international team of archaeologists worked throughout the summer months against the clock to dig up what they could of Zeugma -- a Roman city that was once an important frontier post and river crossing for the caravans of the ancient Silk Road.
Zeugma is Greek for bridge or link, and the city of that name that stood on the right bank of the Euphrates was the crossing point into Mesopotamia 2,300 years ago.
However, if the reader sets aside the rather opportunistic claim that Hunt is a 'rococo' poet, and can see past the critical mannerisms (one is noting Hunt's use of the whole range of classical tropes from anadiplosis to zeugma), Edgecombe gives close and sensitive readings of many passages and poems which subsequent critics must take into account.
There is now an attractive antithesis in ducere and sequi, and it may further be argued that the zeugma created by inania vota is less harsh if this is the last element of three rather than part of a longer sequence.
For example, in lines from "The Canonization" bristling with chiasmus and zeugma, Donne dismisses those who would pursue worldly advancement: "With wealth your state, your mind with Arts improve,/Take you a course, get you a place/Observe his honour, or his grace,/Or the Kings real, or his stamped face." He further flaunts his solipsistic unconcern in the "Sunne Rising": "Goe tell Court-huntsmen that the King will ride ...
On the road, language and nature seem to align themselves in one's cause, as when a zeugma - "Dusk caught up with us, and bears .
The use of a word in the same grammatical relation to two adjacent words but with a different meaning for each, as in the sentence "The tank fired, and the bridge and many hopes sank." See also zeugma.
If this and the next line are intended to make a zeugma, it just does not work.
Readers need not expect to find detailed studies of traditional rhetorical tropes like zeugma, occupatio, or anacoluthon.
In fact, the territory covered by the study does not reach the Taurus; it excludes Commagene, except for Doliche and Zeugma which were transferred to it only by the Romans.
She gave off accumulated odours of libations, animal blood, kaolin, the irrepressible hopes of strangers, and a yellow impassivity." Zeugma is one of Okri's many rhetorical predilections; as here, where the giving off of odors is literal and the giving off of impassivity presumably figurative.
Zeugma, a Greek term meaning "unequal yoking," applies to a certain kind of false parallelism, like "He took his hat, his coat, and his leave." It is often used effectively in humor and inadvertently in technical writing.
Souffle came about when Buhler and Meuwly were invited by Philippe Savoy, director of the Chamber Chorus Zeugma, to create an artistic collaboration inspired by the local (Fribourg) choral tradition.