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a game in which the total of all the gains and losses is zero

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'With the nuclear shadow hovering over South Asia, we realize that Pakistan and India have to move out of a zero-sum mindset to begin dialogue on Kashmir, various strategic matters and trade,' opined Khan.
For this to happen, the "globalists" would have to give up on the grand idea that the world is moving toward a system of "planetary governance," while the defenders of a bilateral approach would need to give up on the notion that international trade is a zero-sum game.
A zero-sum game is a situation in which one person or group can win something only by causing another person or group to lose it.
Fossil fuels are enormously powerful and useful but ultimately limited and destructive--a zero-sum energy world of winners and losers.
A product of unchecked populism itself, the idea of Brexit by its very nature is a zero-sum game, one party has to gain at the loss of the other.
"China and the United States can have competition, but should not use a Cold War mentality to view each other, and nor should they slip into the trap of a zero-sum game," a Foreign Ministry statement on Wednesday quoted Wang as saying.
government tried to propose a solution of dual representation by allowing the two states into the UN, which was said to have been rejected by Chiang Kai-shek under his zero-sum mindset.
ISLAMABAD -- Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday said that Pakistan wanted to avoid a zero-sum game.
The army chief further said that Pakistan wants to get out of the zero-sum dynamics of Cold War era that are still prevalent in South Asia.
"It is imperative for us in the Persian Gulf to change the prevailing zero-sum paradigm of exclusion and hostility," Zarif wrote on Tuesday on Twitter.
Refreshingly, this new entrant in the increasingly vibrant board game market is not a zero-sum game.
The postwar pre-eminence of the United States has been sustainable, not only because of our military power, but because the global order we shaped is not a zero-sum game.
Warring parties have continued a "destructive pattern of zero-sum politics," the UN warned.
In an environment like this, a certain amount of zero-sum thinking is necessary and healthy.
President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi emerged from a meeting in Cairo yesterday with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, saying co-operation between Nile basin countries should not be a zero-sum game.