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domesticated ox having a humped back and long horns and a large dewlap

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The canvas look for Leasowe Lighthouse in Wirral Picture: CORKYWIRRAL st sets in at the Iron Men in Waterloo Picture: MIKE FAHY Autumn mists Picture: CHRISCONPHOTO Aboard the brigantine Zebu Picture: PADDYWAC The Mersey Bar lightship Planet takes on a Irish theme Picture: ROB J WARD
Saudi Arabia's youth soccer national team today came from behind to beat Uzbekistan 2-1 and qualify to the finals of Asia Youth Championship, ongoing in the Chinese city of Zebu, and consequently to the World Youth Soccer cup finals to be held in Colombia in 2011 after, thus shooting two birds with the same stone.
Holstein breed hybrids or Zebu due to resistance to diseases and to increase fat and milk and meat could be applicated for better performance and efficiency.
As escritas classificadas como pre-alfabeticas nao revelavam qualquer compreensao de que as letras representam sons da fala (e.g., RZQ para telefone e TCT para zebu).
With its oven and baking preparation area situated at the front of the store to allow patrons and passers-by to view the baking process first-hand, the new cafe incorporates the comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that Zebu Forno has become known for.
But three out of nine meals sampled at Hungry Horse and four out of six at Wetherspoon had DNA from zebu - hump-backed cattle bred in the tropics.
In 2004, a 19-year-old miniature zebu in a zoo in Basel, Switzerland, fell during mating, after which it had abnormal gait and posture.
Beautiful peacocks can be spotted roaming freely and children can get close up to all kinds of animals and birds in the children's farmyard which includes Shetland ponies, pygmy goats, dwarf zebu, kune kune pigs, rabbits, guinea pids, geese and rare breeds of poultry.
The third-generation of the ZeBu (for Zero Bugs) Series uses an architecture based on Virtex-4 FPGAs from Xilinx.
Recordacao is a Nelore--a white, humpbacked variety of Zebu, a breed imported from India in the 19th century.
Zebu and Criollo cattle in Latin America have more milk fat than European breeds but they continue to be crossbred with imported breeds.
To take a look, go to www.hubblesite.org, or try Bothun's site at zebu.uoregon.