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handsomely striped or mottled wood of the zebrawood tree

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Many people are introduced to zebrawood through their automobiles; one of the major uses for zebrawood 20 years ago was in car dashboards.
* COMMON NAMES: Goncalo alves, tigerwood, zebrawood.
You can solve for ''x'' with one of Modshop's side tables, with zebrawood, hickory, rosewood or oak veneer tops on sleek, chrome, X-shaped legs.
The eye modules in this 2012 film follow upon a sequence in which similarly shaped zebrawood eggs "dance" on a tabletop.
Three types of wood grip panels will be found on the other models of the P938: Rosewood, Blackwood, and Goncalo alves (aka Zebrawood).
DC Distributing stocks exotic wood veneers, such as zebrawood, afromosia, wenge and eucalyptus edgebanding, plus bamboo in 3mm (caramelized and natural).
Initially the speaker will be offered in 3 hand-rubbed real-wood finishes including black ash, dark cherry, and new for 2010, zebrawood. Additional finishes will be made available at a later date.
Other imported species commonly reported were jatoba, purple heart, padauk, zebrawood, African mahogany, and Spanish cedar.
The 144 one- and two-bedroom suites range in size from 99 sq m to 208 sq m with interiors featuring Armani's trademark palate of dark, muted luxury, with materials and finishes such as stone, zebrawood, Venetian plaster, silk and leather panelling.
A glass tile wall in the garden cafe, zebrawood on the walls in casual dining, and a lowered ceiling over the salad bar to give it a more intimate feel, are some examples.
Zebrawood (Astronium graveolens): Native to Mexico, Central and South America.
The Montana Longbow Supreme is 64 inches long and has zebrawood core limbs, a solid rosewood and zebrawood riser with decorative shims, and fiberglass-overlayed tips.
The chair originally entailed a complex and expensive manufacturing process that requires the three-step-processing of ash and zebrawood veneers that are only available in Sweden.
An extra $300 will get you rosewood, zebrawood, walnut, or mahogany.