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The pedestrians find it hard to cross the road in the absence of zebra crossings.
Police said the main cause of pedestrian accidents was the failure to use zebra crossings, footbridges and intersections and instead jumping over safety barriers or fences to cross highways.
Calls for the council to install a zebra crossing on the road date back to 2007.
He added that starting Ramadan (August), fines will be issued for not wearing seat belts, stopping over zebra crossings and turning at red lights.
During that time he landed a number of high-profile victories, including the 2006 Grade 1 J&B Met at Kenilworth racecourse with the 96-rated Zebra Crossing.
A MAJOR campaign is being launched to teach people how to use a zebra crossing.
A zebra crossing on Carr Lane, Slaithwaite, will finally be relocated following a spate of incidents that included an elderly woman being run down while using the crossing.
Imran Nazeer said that in the absence of any zebra crossing lines, he always crosses the main highway to G-7 sector despite knowing that it is very risky practice for him.
I am pleased that we have worked with the parents and residents in Tynemouth to install the zebra crossing on Percy Park Road.
I fear a youngster will be killed outside my school A HEADTEACHER fears a child or parent will be killed because drivers are continually ignoring a zebra crossing outside a Flintshire school.
A QUICK-thinking motorist and a schoolgirl in Birmingham have been praised for helping a woman and her young son after they were knocked down on a zebra crossing.
If you have a zebra crossing that is professionally painted, people respect it.
Cardiff council wants to build two new zebra crossings in Station Road in Llandaff North and upgrade the existing zebra crossing to include a speed table - a type of a speed hump.
The deceased and his sister were crossing the road, which lacked zebra crossing, when they were run over by the speeding driver heading towards Rolla.