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passionate devotion to or interest in a cause or subject, for example

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Zealousness, but at a whole new level, one that is directed to the greatest cause of all: the future.
Today, the accusation of being a "cafeteria Catholic" is flung around with the same zealousness as the term "heretic" was at one time.
Adding an alternative characterization, this midrash infers that the sea only tried to annihilate the Israelites out of zealousness for God--in sharp contrast to the sea character's motives in the two midrashim previously quoted.
Too often, Pollard says, in light of DOJ or SEC zealousness, companies can overreact.
The retiring justice Riaz Ahmad Khan was also lauded for his stupendous services rendered for infrastructure, Bench Bar and other events with equal zealousness and elan; while also rendering historically just verdicts in many human rights cases, which would be inscribed in golden words.
While there will be abiding warmth, friendliness and simple sunny smiles that I will remember when I recall Bahrain, I will also carry in my mind's bum-bag, the almost zealousness with which people tolerate delay, postponement, adjournment.
But in their zealousness, they may also break down the cells that line the gut wall and serve as a gateway between the digestive tract and the bloodstream.
MUMBAI -- The government's zealousness in squeezing expenditure to meet the fiscal deficit target, either by delaying payments or not awarding new contracts, may be hurting those most vulnerable to such tightening - small and micro enterprises, self-employed professionals and the retail trade.
designed gatekeeper structures can mitigate many of the zealousness,
Several columnists agreed that the PGR and the court that accepted the charges might have overreached in their zealousness to detain Gordillo, also known by her nickname of la maestra.
He considered his victory "a triumph for wisdom, moderation, development, and awareness, over extremism and zealousness.
Without minimizing the consequences to certain borrowers--the issue is certainly a legitimate one for regulatory consideration--the zealousness and anti-industry vitriol with which the DFS has pursued the topic seems out of proportion.
GERB conclude they were expecting an independent probe and call on BSP to show the same zealousness when it comes to their Ministers in the Three-Way Coalition Cabinet.
But the zealousness of trying to rid chicken of bacteria isn't entirely unfounded.
But, in our zealousness to adopt it, we devalue our relationships, which are the foundation of everything we do.