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Alongside the ruling Labor Party, the opposition Likud and their allies, there is a men's rights movement named Zayin - Hebrew for both ``penis'' and the letter ``Z'' - and a senior citizens party called ``The Pensioners of Israel.
The horse was given a great ride by teenager George Blackwell, son of former successful amateur rider Steve Blackwell, winning by a short head from the favourite Samuring Zayin.
8, the questioned term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] should be corrected to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], as the zayin is clearly followed by another unidentified letter; cf.
The UAE's top apprentice, Ahmad Al Subose, on Amyzing Zayin and Oman's Yahya Al Hamdani on Wikkara finished 7th and 8th respectively.
Twenty-four-year-old Al Subose will partner the lightly-raced mare Amyzing Zayin who is looking for her first career success.
This work included 97 roots, beginning with aleph zayin nun, "ear" and "to hear", and concluding with tav Het tav, "beneath the bottom line", and as such, it formed "something like a dictionary of basic Jewish concepts.
Although Ross has assigned a meaning to zayin ("weapon") and qof ("back of head"), ISS has left these, rightfully in my opinion, open with a question mark.
Zayin Barakaldo and Joybell led the field at a steady pace, but the French jockey wisely settled the mare in a good five lengths off the pace.
Weiser is spelled in Hebrew Vav, Yod, Zayin, Reish, which is also the spelling of the word vayizer.
The third volume now covers the letters zayin, het, and tet, thus recording all the words that so begin in the Hebrew Bible, Ben Sira, the published Qumran Hebrew texts, and Hebrew inscriptions.
Radak, in his commentary on this verse, specifically relates to how the word Nivhaz should be spelled and why: "Nivhaz is written with a zayin.
4) In either case, the word should contain the letter zayin.
In many printed versions of the text, the zayin of the word Nivhaz is larger than the other letters.
He further states, like Norzi, that since the zayin was written large, people may have mistaken it for a nun.