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an electrical device that can injure or kill by means of electric currents

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I started finding large, black moths in the zapper grid, and about the same time, the hornworms were no longer a problem.
Richmond was the perfect place to be one of our first Zapper cities, because of its young, tech vibe and thriving hyperconnected food scene," said Jim Hite, Zapper Vice President.
Zapper also claims to have had "several hundred thousand" downloads, and is growing exponentially month on month.
Zapper provides users with their own unique QR code, which they can present to their customers on an invoice, webpage or, in the case of TOA Taxis, a sign in each individual taxi's passenger cabin.
The other odd names that are also on the list are hopper, stick, doofangle and zapper.
The state's Department of Revenue supported passage of Senate Bill 5715 to combat the spread of zapper software, which also is used to avoid paying business and occupation tax and commit employment tax fraud and corporate embezzlement.
Little wonder many reach for the zapper after the first 10 minutes of any bulletin.
Subscribers can also avail themselves of free HD Zapper box or get 50% off on HD DVR Show box Admin Fee for Premier Plus HD package with installation and free dish accessories.
THE other day I found myself on the M62 bubbling with road rage and a yearning for a zapper gun fitted to the top of my car with which I could pick up offending vehicles and deposit them in the middle of a muddy field to teach their drivers manners.
The RobiComb is a lice-control product, while the Flea Zapper is intended for the pet-care market.
Nap zapper DOZY drivers are about to be given a buzz by car mats that deliver electric shocks if they fall asleep.
This new variant, called the STi5197L is designed for cable STBs and enables efficient development and fast time-to-market for OEMs developing basic zapper STB products.
I'd be more the freeroaming and highly motivated zapper.
com IDEAL for taking control of the simplest functions, the Zapper is equipped with volume adjust, channel change, power on/off and a volume mute button.
The Natural Dentist Cavity Zapper fluoride toothpaste is being offered in a flavor the company calls Groovy Grape.