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Yet as is almost inevitable with this kind of enterprise, there isn't enough creative wattage to sustain that level of zaniness, which is why such fare plays better on DVD, where the best moments can be absorbed in bite-sized bits and the debris easily bypassed.
Cartoon-style graphics add to the zaniness although tthe sound could be improved.
"Make the most of the time we have." This crazy quilt of music hall, "Beyond the Fringe" zaniness and existentialism is a lovely way to while away some time as oblivion approaches.
Even auds immune to the earlier pic's eccentric charms may enjoy the deftly muted zaniness of this fable about a would-be Mexican grappler's misadventures.
Curb Your Enthusiasm's" Jeff Garlin has adapted his solo stage show into a fully cast, running-gag version of "Marry." "I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With" could benefit from either more or less plot: Story of a fat comedian who still lives with his mother, eats obsessively and can't find a girlfriend never completely takes off, yet somewhat overestimates the surrounding zaniness. Still, any opportunity to witness the improvisatory skills of Sarah Silverman, Bonnie Hunt and Amy Sedaris should not be missed.
McDonnell remains charming, and Hutchison and Naughton flesh out their zaniness with a supple range of emotions.
Sills plays Selznick with a certain engaging zaniness that recalls Steve Martin, grounded just barely by a glimpse into the man's desperation to make his mark, while Rasche drolly skirts along the understated side of a blunt Victor Mature-style masculinity.
The engaging Busse (whose springer spaniel socks are the perfect accessory) brings zaniness to the titular role.
There were even moments when the audience guffawed and then whistled in appreciation for the zaniness that the actors displayed with utter abandon.
While the show has had many highlights in its short run, all three friends jumped at the zaniness of one of their latest episodes, James, the lawyer-turned-rapper.
Z is for zest, zeal, and zaniness. Dental assistants love what they do and who they are.
The direction of Hiro Murai is singular in composition, moodiness, and deft depictions of the zaniness, play, and agony that attend human desire.
It was a night where technical excellence in Hindi cinema was celebrated along with a mix of a fashion showcase by designer Vikram Phadnis and, of course, Bollywood song spectacles, but the young brigade led by the likes of Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor made it a point to add a dash of zaniness.
the artist's work: 'Since Fernando Modesto burst in the art scene in 1977, his one abiding quality has been irreverence, but irreverence laced with zaniness and hilarity.'
Also great and worthy of a mention is Bill Bailey, the mullet haired stand-up wizard here dialling back the zaniness to play Bagpipes, Walter's hangdog neighbour.