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any of various cycads of the genus Zamia

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Cycads (literally Cycadales) comprise three families (Cycadaceae, Stangeriaceae and Zamiaceae) and consist of a total of 10 accepted genera and 348 accepted species, divided as follows: Bowenia (2), Ceratozamia (30), Cycas (114), Dioon (15), Encephalartos (65), Lepidozamia (2), Macrozamia (41), Microcycas (1), Stangeria (1), and Zamia (77) (Calonje et al., 2017; Osborne et al., 2012).
Neotropical Zamia cycads have symbiotic pollinating relationships with 2 genera of Coleoptera (Stevenson et al.
Further north the country was populated with grass trees, zamia palms, and "scattered marri, wandoo and mallee gums" (Garimara 89).
Grayum, "Leaf demography of a neotropical rain forest cycad, Zamia skinneri (Zamiaceae)," The American Journal of Botany, vol.
Other award winners were Zamia Bushaj, of Foxford School, with her French meal, Coundon Court pupil Tyler Ferrington with his contemporary light and Joseph Stevens, of Cardinal Wiseman, with his solar powered cooler.
Sur une espece nouvelle de Zamia des Indes Occidentales, introduite dans l'etablissement.
In vitro culture response of Zamia incognita, an alternative for preservation
black sand of the hill, all limestone beneath, where zamia palms and
However, a series of vicious supernatural attacks sends him once more into battle against evil magic, joined by his teenaged assistant, the monkish swordsman, Raseed bas Raseed, and Zamia Badawi, a beautiful but vengeful were-lion whose desert tribe was decimated by demons larger and more powerful than any the Doctor has encountered before.
The students, working in groups, sort through a series of photographs of items and events (e.g., A Dreaming painting, a Zamia plant, an iPhone, a pair of Nike shoes, a winnowing basket, a white wedding dress, an Aztec calendar, a GPS) and decide whether the item depicted represents an example of cultural knowledge, scientific knowledge or both.
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While detailed research on Macrozamia has not been conducted, one quantitative study of Zamia pumila indicated that female plants used 7.6 times more energy per reproductive event than male plants (Tang 1990:370).