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Synonyms for zaftig

well-rounded and full in form

Synonyms for zaftig

(of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous


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That, in a nutshell, is the debate over zaftig. By most contemporary definitions, zaftig means voluptuous or sexify curvaceous a la Marilyn Monroe or the commanding office manager Joan Harris on Mad Men.
Jewish women described themselves negatively, while focusing their discontent on their perceived shortcomings: short, zaftig (full-figured), large breasts, large noses, dark eyes, and dark curly/kinky hair," writes S.
It centres on the reunion of four friends, one of whom, the zaftig and humdrum Becky, is getting married.
Charlotte Weber's Live Oak Plantation purchased Zoftig for $1.5m at the Fasig-Tipton November Sale in 2008, the year that her daughter Zaftig - by Gone West - w on the Acorn Stakes.
The other photograph depicted one of my grandmother's aunts and her offspring: five daughters endowed with zaftig peasant beauty, and a dashing, mustached son who might have passed for an Italian film star.
I'm sure that statement will have the zaftig zealots up in arms and the do-gooders pointing out her other more cerebral plus points, but I don't give a cheesy stuffed crust.
The show's heroine, Deb, a vapid model wannabe reincarnated in the zaftig body of Jane (Brooke Elliott), a go-getter attorney, not only finds validation each week but takes viewers on an educational journey.
The show featured everything from a cat and a Chihuahua being pronounced married to an extended appearance by the zaftig bottle-blonde Meghan McCain, whose presence was inexplicable unless one knew that she has been bucking for a reality show since last fall, even meeting the head of Bravo in October and promptly tweeting "So cool, love those housewives" immediately thereafter.
Starring his zaftig, cross-dressing Baltimore friend Harris Glenn Milstead, a.k.a.
After 13 years of specializing in large-size fashion events and being a frustrated shopper, Gwen DeVoe, a tall, zaftig African American former model, created FFFW.
"It was a response to the advice-slash-criticism that all younger character actors get very early in their career, which is, 'You're great, you're wonderful, you're a genius, you're not going to work until you're 50.'" Watching a stage full of zaftig actors shake and shimmy, under the Midas-touch direction of Alex Timbers, was certainly refreshing--indeed, the performers were positively bootylicious, bumping and jumping to Connor Gallagher's choreography.
She joins the fold along with celebrated zaftig dresser Anna Scholz, Jeffery and Paula - that's Jeffrey Rogers and his wife - and even every girl's best friend, Gok Wan.
She returned in the Acorn Stakes (G1) over a mile at Belmont Park in June, but had to settle for second again, this time behind Zaftig. That was almost certainly the last time we will see her over further than seven furlongs.
8.35: VENTURA (G Gomez, 3-1) 1; Indian Blessing (9-4f) 2; Zaftig (13-2) 3.
Sherman has one nerdy hypochondriac, basically useless friend, and another male friend with more flair He likes the girl next door, Vanessa, but discounts her as a girlfriend because she's perhaps a little too zaftig. No, his lust and attention are focused on Dini Trioli, a beautiful, tall girl in the 10th grade who has also attracted the attention of a studly lacrosse player, Lester Broadside.