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light foamy custard-like dessert served hot or chilled


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Late-harvest wine and thyme zabaglione. Follow recipe for spirited zabaglione (preceding); add 3 more tablespoons sugar.
Chocolate and chili zabaglione. Follow recipe for spirited zabaglione (preceding); use 1/4 cup chocolate-flavor liqueur and 2 tablespoons water.
Hazelnut and mint zabaglione. Place 1/3 cup hazelnuts in 9-inch pie or cake pan.
PHOTO : Either a wire whip and round-bottom zabaglione pan (here with mint and egg yolk mixture)
PHOTO : Pour hot zabaglione, made with hazelnut-flavor liqueur, into goblets; nuts accompany
For such a simple mixture, zabaglione (pronounced za-by-own-ee) has a long history.
Fortunately, my pan holds 3 quarts and is just right for whipping 1 to 8 egg yolks into an equal number of zabaglione servings.
But if you want to, you can nest the zabaglione pan in a pan of hot water.
Although zabaglione pans are now widely available, you still need to seek them out.
In Seattle, Sur La Table, 84 Pine Street, in the Pike Place Public Market area, has a zabaglione set (copper pan and whisk) for about $70.