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Synonyms for zabaglione

light foamy custard-like dessert served hot or chilled


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Divide the zabaglione equally between four dessert plates or shallow bowls.
Zayde remembers a childhood tasting of the Italian custard dessert zabaglione this way: "Words can't describe that sweetness, which I haven't managed to achieve again to this day.
There are endless possibilities, but the most popular seem to be ice cream; powdered sugar; fruit sauce or preserves; mascarpone (a creamy Italian cheese similar to ricotta); and zabaglione (a light Italian custard with a base of creme fraiche).
While dining at the rustic Italian restaurant this season, indulge in some of the chef's favourite dishes: Tagliolini Al Tartufo Bianco (homemade tagliolini with white truffle), Dh80/Dh110; the Risotto Al Tartufo Bianco (a Parmesan risotto with white truffle), Dh150; and the Zabaglione Al Marsala Tartufo Bainco, Dh45.
Owner and chef Jay Parmegiani shares the history of his version of this Italian classic: "The first ten times we made chocolate soup with a Marsala wine, ladyfinger, and egg yolk mess, but after incorporating ganache into the chocolate cream and the right amount of gelatin in the zabaglione, it's our top-selling dessert.
The dishes you can expect to find on the menu are home-cured pork products--especially salami and mortadella--risotto, minestrone, polenta with braised beef, stewed rabbit, wild mushrooms, zabaglione (light custard) and peaches in wine.
The other choices included zabaglione with amaretto, baked stuffed peaches and chocolate pots with cointreau.
Indeed, the same quality of near-decadent spectacularism teetering toward kitsch is evident in some of Marinetti's imagined banquets, where "Alaskan salmon in the rays of the sun with Mars sauce" might be followed by an Elasticake filled with disturbingly bright-red zabaglione.
We'd already drunk a few sips of this fresh Budweiser and were calmly eating our meal, now and then giving each other a bit of pork across the table, more like an attentive couple than enflamed and suicidal Bohemian lovers ladling sizzling drops of zabaglione into each others' mouths with long silver spoons (as Madeleine and I used to do when we were young), when, in this almost deserted restaurant car whose touching old-fashioned decorations we found endlessly delightful, the sun suddenly shone through the clouds and lit up the Saxony countryside.
She taught me how to make bread, pasta and zabaglione.
My companion regretted not ordering the Zabaglione, a Tiramisu made with white wine.
A rich hazelnut torte with zabaglione was accompanied by Passito di Caluso, a sweet wine made from dried grapes.
And Desserts - Peach and Raspberry Trifle; Chocolate Zabaglione Sauce with Ice Cream and Raspberries.
For dessert, the kitchen graciously divided one portion of fresh berries Romanoff ($7), with whipped cream on top and cool zabaglione underneath, into two little stemmed glasses.
Thyme-infused zabaglione is served with an upside-down apricot tart.