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the third axis in a 3-dimensional coordinate system

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We are here to reach and serve global audience by introducing one more innovative automated localization testing tool," said Ram Sharma, CEO of Z-Axis.
The entire ANT nanopositioner family of linear, rotary, lift, Z-axis, and goniometers can be combined for flexible system designs and multi-axis configurations.
As mentioned, it's not only positive Z-axis product where 3D stencils have shown effectiveness, but also with negative Z-axis PCBs.
The additional CNC Z-axis means that the operator no longer has to walk around to the back of the machine to physically move the position of two hinged backgauge fingers along the bending line.
The plotter's motorized Z-axis drive independently moves its milling head over multiple axes.
Do you think it could really happen if you get back together with Z-Axis and Rockstar?
5 mV/lb in the z-axis and 5 mV/lb in the x and y axes.
Interest in anisotropic adhesives, or z-axis conductive epoxies, has recently grown.
Her wraparound paintings of the late '60s and early '70s are known best for this investigation, wherein black bars (punctuated with thin stripes of color) creep around the sides of the works to appear on the z-axis of the stretcher, as well as on the x- and y-axes of the front.
Based on advanced CNC router technology, the new RYE CMS PMB machining centre has Z-axis travel of up to 2000 mm and is available with X-axis travel ranging from 2600mm to 36,000 mm.
AB = 2b, z-axis is the perpendicular bisector of line segment AB and x-axis is BA.
Traditional and Z-axis medias have generated new customers in air/gas filtration, sound control, fluid transfer and high performance substrate markets.
The design for this application required that three Model 2230 gearmotors be used for Z-axis motion and one Model 1624 be used in a theta operation.
Limited tenders are invited for Ball screw z-axis ,lm guide way z-axis ,telescopic covers-x-axis rh si ,telescopic covers -x - axis lh
X- and Z-axis stroke measures 320 and 22 mm, respectively.