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Synonyms for yowl

to utter or emit a long, mournful, plaintive sound

to make inarticulate sounds of grief or pain, usually accompanied by tears

to cry loudly, as a healthy child does from pain or distress


a long, mournful cry

Synonyms for yowl

a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal)

cry loudly, as of animals

utter shrieks, as of cats

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The bark and yowl suddenly changed to a kind of yodel and 20 seconds later a pair of hen pheasants flew from the cattails and crossed the road where I was waiting.
2-litre V8 doesn't yowl like the old V10 powerplant did, but that engine never felt particularly well suited to a big estate car.
Unbalanced, the boiling water spluttered from the spout of the kettle, causing a yowl and the pussy running off like, erm, a scalded cat.
their eyes wide and juvenile, the tender yowl of their faces, their soft
While Cloud might be stunning to look at, he has a distinctive Siamese-type yowl that doesn't appeal to all.
Even when the rev counter hits the red mark the overtures are music to the ears: a heady growl that develops into a thunderous yowl.
Robert'sacolytes didn't seem too annoyingly obsessed by Led Zeppelin's past, but all were ecstatic when Plant proffered a good handful of their tunes, wrenched out with a voice that still retains the bluesy yowl of yore, rousing the slumbering When The Levi Breaks beast.
His distinctive yowl and swaying hips withstand the ravages of time better than his appearance.
They stalk by night, and yowl and fight, and worse than that, I fear.
This peculiar, jarring, altogether fascinating whatsit of a drama starts in an absurdist comedy mode that is finally complemented (rather than replaced) by a yowl of despair as heartrending as it is unexpected.
Then she whips off her green wig (revealing a scarred, bald pate), opens her mouth and unleashes an unearthly yowl, which slowly crescendos into a kind of caterwaul.
The Brymbo Express was now the yowl of the Illinois Central: it ran all over the Middle West: Engine, engine, number nine Running on Chicago line.
Your cat may yowl from pain, and he may rub his paws on his face.
So it's one yowl for food and another for a cuddle.