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Synonyms for yowl

to utter or emit a long, mournful, plaintive sound

to make inarticulate sounds of grief or pain, usually accompanied by tears

to cry loudly, as a healthy child does from pain or distress


a long, mournful cry

Synonyms for yowl

a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal)

cry loudly, as of animals

utter shrieks, as of cats

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Kittens call to their mothers for warmth, protection, safety and hunger, but a mature cat growls, meows, hisses and yowls as a form of communication with other cats and people.
Cats yowl, dogs howl, but this little animal wowled.
Whenever domestic discord would cause me to raise my voice--my wife says I yelled--Martha would leap on to my lap, put her paws on my chest, and yowl.
Unbalanced, the boiling water spluttered from the spout of the kettle, causing a yowl and the pussy running off like, erm, a scalded cat.
They stalk by night, and yowl and fight, and worse than that, I fear.
While Cloud might be stunning to look at, he has a distinctive Siamese-type yowl that doesn't appeal to all.
The dark, heavy timbre of mezzo Clare Bartram and the light, clear, almost child-like soprano of Pamela Davies were too much of a contrast for my taste, especially in the Agnus Dei, and an otherwise decent performance by Miss Davies ended, in the final Requiem , with a feline yowl the best part of a semitone sharp.
Every headshot to a standing target is accompanied with a bloodcurdling yowl.
Andrew Lloyd Webber's song-anddance version of TS Eliot's book of felineinspired poems, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, is a magical mix of face paint and slinky costumes, while its famous Memory is the most musical yowl you'll ever hear.
But did even the most credulous really believe that when her battle-scarred old Tom let loose a yowl he was, as the book claimed, "telling you how much he loves you".
Robert'sacolytes didn't seem too annoyingly obsessed by Led Zeppelin's past, but all were ecstatic when Plant proffered a good handful of their tunes, wrenched out with a voice that still retains the bluesy yowl of yore, rousing the slumbering When The Levi Breaks beast.
The first single, "Automatic," clocks in at just over three minutes but feels like an epic, thanks to the growling, layered guitar work of Tom Kaulitz, 19, and his twin brother Bill's anthemic, heartfelt yowl.
His distinctive yowl and swaying hips withstand the ravages of time better than his appearance.
The Brymbo Express was now the yowl of the Illinois Central: it ran all over the Middle West: Engine, engine, number nine Running on Chicago line.