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Synonyms for youthfulness

the time of life between childhood and maturity

Synonyms for youthfulness

the freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person

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UST Fine Arts graduate JP Pining, whose artworks-suffused with bold graphics and candy colors-elicit excitement, youthfulness, and energy.
When it comes to Jumper PSleatherlook hairstyles, Kate loves a high ponytail and it brings a youthfulness to this look.
Keeping this in mind, we have designed a complete skincare routine specifically targeting male skin, which will make it easy for men to maintain their skin's youthfulness for long.
This youthfulness and strength in depth has the world's media predicting an extended period of dominance.
He received the Lenin prize and shot to fame after his work, entitled 'Granny, Iliko, Illarion, and I', which touches on the childhood and youthfulness of a Georgian boy orphaned during the war years' was published.
"We have good experience in Glenn Murray, Leo Ulloa, Bruno, Steve Sidwell and Liam Rosenior, so I think we've that nice balance between experience and youthfulness.
"Luminist achieves a more nuanced high-end look with a feminine touch and youthfulness. This type of decoration is ideal for cosmetics packaging, as it invites the consumer to touch the product," she adds.
Olal, the executive director of NHA said: 'Our nominations is a blend of youthfulness and professionalism which will help steer Kenyan hockey back to the world arena.'
Islamabad -- Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) on Thursday remarked that giving pension was due right of the pensioners, saying these old pensioners have given youthfulness to the institutions.
The album -- which features Zeyn himself on guitar and synthesizer, Daniel Kinde on drums, Thomas Jennings doing the sampling and Faysal Mroueh doing additional composition -- mixes maturity and knowledge with raw, ardent youthfulness in an assimilation of Post Rock, Lo Fi, Drone and Noise.
The final section contains essays on the antiaging movement by specialists in different fields, on topics like whether aging can be ocured,o the cultural implications of extended youthfulness in terms of recklessness, the sociopolitical implications of extended lifespans, impacts on ethical reasoning and individual decision making, and effects on faith.
"Rilke pursued Lou Andreas-Salome with a mixture of diffidence and determination that she found irresistible, perhaps because his youthfulness reversed the age differences she had known with Nietzsche and Andreas."
The volunteers awarded marks out of 100 for a range of perceived traits, including youthfulness. On average, balding men were perceived to be 3.6 years younger after having a hair transplant.
He said: "They've got a really good youthfulness about them and terrific speed.