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Synonyms for youthful

being in an early period of growth or development

Synonyms for youthful

suggestive of youth


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These troops had apparently been going for- ward with caution, their rifles held in readiness, when the youthful lieutenant had discovered them and their movement had been interrupted by the volley from the blue regiment.
The voice of the youthful servant became faint, but she seemed to me, from the action of her lips, again to murmur that it would be attended to immediate.
A mysterious voice from the end of the passage replied 'Yes.' Upon which the youthful servant replied 'Yes.'
Micawber, not a bit changed - his tights, his stick, his shirt-collar, and his eye-glass, all the same as ever - came into the room with a genteel and youthful air.
"They look among the fishes for their dead!" returned the low, soft voice of the youthful chieftain; "the Hurons float with the slimy eels!
His goodness of heart and simplicity of manners made him an universal favourite; while the peculiarity of their situation brought him oftener before the notice of Charlotte than any other young man of her acquaintance.--But, notwithstanding the intimation of Maria Osgood, none of their friends in the least suspected any other feeling to exist between the youthful pair than the natural and very obvious one of disinterested esteem.
6); the man of pleasure who is acquainted with the mysteries of love; the "juvenis qui gaudet canibus," and who improves the breed of animals; the lover of art and music who has all the experiences of youthful life.
The words had scarcely left Larsan's mouth when from the back of the court came a youthful voice:
I am afraid that remaining at Blois would be dangerous to his youthful mind.
My youthful modesty scarcely let me dare believe that the hardened old buccaneer was even more drunk.
"A genuine, measurable lift can instantly be achieved non-surgically with a VECTOR face lift, by combining tightening and smoothing treatments and rebuilding and repositioning 'lost volume' to get your subtle, youthful V-shape back long-term, naturally and without surgery, and also by utilising the body's own amazing ability to repair and rebuild the skin.
A new skincare line has recently launched a complete line of products that are designed specifically to maintain the vitality and radiance of youthful skin.
KARACHI, May 29, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly, Shehla Raza has urged for concerted efforts to initiate educational and vocational training facilities at the Youthful Offenders Industrial School (Juvenile Jail), Karachi.
Although the swimmer, who won a record eight gold medals at last summer's Beijing Olympics, has not admitted smoking cannabis from the bong, he said he had acted in an "youthful and inappropriate" way.
It is formulated with palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide, both clinically proven to act in synergy to restore and maintain skin's youthful appearance.