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a minority youth culture whose distinctiveness depended largely on the social class and ethnic background of its members

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As a product of youth subculture, street art allows insight into the younger generation's challenges to, and identification with, the parent culture.
This article will examine how the CPGB interacted with particular youth subcultures (such as punk, hip hop/rap and acid house/rave) and popular youth culture more generally in the party's final years.
In doing this however, the Teddy boys become the repositories of that part of youth subculture that is perceived to be delinquent.
Sonia Livingstone (2002) also shows that the activities of youth subcultures online, often so alienating to older observers, actually originate in those 'mediating family subsystems' that have relied on new technology to keep in touch with extended and dispersed families or kinship groups throughout the post-war period.
The first lesson is that Mafiaboy's activities can be decoded by borrowing ideas from cultural studies and applying them to the youth subculture of computer hacking.
Gleaning from Gluttony is a 2005 report (by this author) about youth subculture and ethical eating.
The first is a nowcompleted study of the rave youth subculture I conducted from 1995-1999 in Southern Ontario, Canada (Wilson, 2002a, 2006; Wilson & Atkinson, 2005).
According to Wikipidea, this particular look emerged as a youth subculture around 1997-1998 and became a well-established genre in Japanese department stores circa 2001.
Along the way she gets involved in the rising youth subculture, which leads her to a less-than-illustrious career as a topless dancer and high-class prostitute.
The term grungie does not refer to the members of a coherent, identifiable youth subculture as do terms such as skinhead or mod.
Her discussion of Indian youth subculture and the creation of "brown spaces" (schools, clubs, etc.
Other less critical/panicked media have tended to revere the 'neo-hippie' attitudes of the rave subculture, depicting rave as an appealing, romantic, 'new age' youth subculture (e.
While this society largely tolerates the youth subculture living in their neighborhood, it provides little assistance or support.
And the very name of Ecstasy, a drag used in the rave youth subculture, screams out as a surrogate for passion.
It's a happy moment in the gayest youth subculture in America.
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