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inexpensive supervised lodging (especially for youths on bicycling trips)

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The assessor from Visit Wales, who awarded Cardiff Central Youth Hostel five stars, said it provided "an excellent overnight stay".
Mohammed bin Said al- Manwari , Director General of Planning and Projects at the Ministry of Sports Affairs and Head of the Omani Youth Hostel Committee said in a speech that the aim of this meeting is to highlight the hostel movement in the AGCC countries.
Where to stay: Small but stunningly located Loch Ossian Youth Hostel, which is also an awardwinning eco hostel.
New York City does not have a law that legalizes youth hostels.
Alnwick Youth Hostel came ninth overall in its category in laterooms.
A YHA spokesman said: "The investment will create another world-class youth hostel in Wales, doubling the existing accommodation for the many schools groups and tourists that visit each year.
The Youth Hostel Association offers low-cost accommodation to holidaymakers at anything from pounds 6 to pounds 22 a night.
She was escorted from the She was escorted from the Torridon Youth Hostel complex Torridon Youth Hostel complex wearing a face mask and helped into the back of a waiting ambulance.
The former Mercure Lodge Hotel on East Tyndall Street in Cardiff will be opened as a new youth hostel run by the Youth Hostel Association Wales.
AUNIQUE opportunity has arisen to buy a youth hostel in County Durham.
The YHA will run the site during July and August and will build a 58-bedroom youth hostel later this year.
The Pen-y-Pass hostel will close on Friday for a refurbishment and (inset) Caroline White, chief executive of the Youth Hostel Association
The new owners have pledged to continue to run the 72-bed hostel under the Youth Hostel Association Enterprise Scheme, which allows the hostel to retain its YHA status under a franchise.
A NEW bid is being made to convert a former youth hostel into apartments.
A GERMAN tourist has finally visited a Scottish youth hostel - 44 years after he spent a night in the cells instead.