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a gang whose members are teenagers

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The authors, Franzese, Covey and Menard, suggest that youth gangs are loosely organized and have limited structure.
This side of the story started in the 1980s when thousands of youth gang members in Southern California were rounded up and imprisoned as part of law enforcement crackdowns.
The increasing youth gang presence has coincided with an increase in gang-related criminal activity.
Youth Gangs and Community Intervention: Research, Practice, and Evidence.
Research into the meanings of family and home for young Pasifika people involved in gangs was carried out in the communities of Mangere and Otara in the Counties Manukau area of Auckland, identified by the Ministry of Social Development as a key area of youth gang activity.
Seven juvenile departments from Lane and other counties will join forces to spotlight the increasing threats of youth gang violence and other high-risk youth issues at an upcoming community mobilization conference.
Re-establishing the Community Gang Task Force to put a dent in youth gang activity.
This sentiment, however erroneous, has led many Central American citizens to support tough law enforcement measures against gangs, hire private security firms, and, in isolated cases, take vigilante action against suspected youth gang members.
While there are a handful of organizations engaging in violence-prevention work with youth gang members or working to help U.
Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in its fact sheet, Highlights of the 2004 National Youth Gang Survey.
For the most part, Indian youth gang members belong to street gangs, which can be defined as somewhat organized groups of youth who come together for any number of reasons, including recognition, status, safety (both physical [from other gangs] and emotional), escape (from such realities as poverty and unbearable home life), power, money, security, excitement, and new experience.
Within the youth gang population as well, our own beliefs must be set aside because the youths' beliefs are what we are dealing with, and you can bet they believe everything their "homies" tell them.
As community organisations that have been working in this arena over the last 10 years, specifically addressing youth gang culture, it is our belief that the report did not reflect the gang situation currently highlighted in Birmingham.
Murray, a successful advertising executive is set upon by a ruthless youth gang while crossing a city park.
This conclusion suggests that we need more city-specific youth gang studies, studies that employ the same research protocols and sampling procedures.
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