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young adults (a generational unit) considered as a cultural class or subculture

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To clock the massive divisions in youth culture, consider what a far cry that smirk is from Smiledy, the official emblem of rave culture, now irredeemably associated with the drug Ecstasy.
Andrew Ross began the gathering he organized by asking to whom youth culture belongs, youth or those who market it, and various panelists waxed protective of various subcultures in the face of cooption.
Based in Los Angeles, now considered the entertainment and new apparel manufacturing capital of the United States, Sub-Urban's printing techniques, washes, embroideries and appliques have galvanized youth culture and A-list celebrities, including actor Don Cheadle ("Crash"), rock star Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) and actor Jessica Alba, among many others.
Why is a broader tapestry of Arab youth culture not explored?
The photos of stars like Echo and the Bunnymen, Pete Burns and visiting performers including Joey Ramone, Joe Strummer, U2 and Roxy Music, have now been brought together in a new book titled REVEALED: Youth culture, pop culture, subculture - The Photographs of Francesco Mellina 1977-1982.
com)-- New art piece titled 'Absent generation' by James Jarvis cleverly explores the themes of youth culture in the United States and the global dominance of the iPhone in daily lives.
While avoiding the dangers of oversimplifying youth culture, it would still behoove educators to attend to how youth culture and accounts of youth culture influence youth's encounter with education.
The Power of the Zoot: Youth Culture and Resistance During World War II.
It's common knowledge that music interacts with everyday youth culture: but how it does so is the focus of Music & Youth Culture, which uses interviews with and observations of youth groups along with research to examine youth performances, tastes, and more.
How did the counterculture movement get commercially hijacked, what exactly is the "cool" aesthetic, and why has youth culture been elevated to the mainstream?
Her young pirate characters' style should appeal to teen readers--many are dreadlocked, pierced, and tattooed--and resemble and echo trends in popular youth culture.
In Contemporary Youth Culture, an international and interdisciplinary roster of experts shed light on today's youth culture by exploring such topics as hip hop culture, punk culture, social justice movements, video games, political activism, language and identity, post-feminism, television, rites of passage, heterosexuality and homosexuality, race and ethnicity, social class, poetry and literature, visual art, conceptions of beauty and body image, academics, sports, drugs, families, refugee youth, the Internet, youth journalism, fashion, and violence.
The company wove its brand into "pain-friendly" segments of youth culture.
In addition to their ideological and practical objections, my interviews with youths reveal another reason: Youth culture, from peers to the media, increasingly accepts same-sex sexuality and minimizes it as the basis for a personal identity.
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