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Synonyms for yourself

by yourself: on your own


by yourself: alone


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You are not without the capacity of veneration, and faith and hope, and conscience and reason, and every other requisite to a Christian's character, if you choose to employ them; but all our talents increase in the using, and every faculty, both good and bad, strengthens by exercise: therefore, if you choose to use the bad, or those which tend to evil, till they become your masters, and neglect the good till they dwindle away, you have only yourself to blame.
And you call yourself an old man, too, with grey hair, and father of a family!
"Pray, mother," said the young one, "do but set the example yourself, and I will follow you."
'Why, trying to make yourself think that at the bottom of your heart you aren't tickled to death that this has happened.
You picture to yourself your own sick-bed, with all your friends and relations standing round you weeping.
To this the Roman legate answered: "As for that which has been said, that it is better and more advantageous for your state not to interfere in our war, nothing can be more erroneous; because by not interfering you will be left, without favour or consideration, the guerdon of the conqueror." Thus it will always happen that he who is not your friend will demand your neutrality, whilst he who is your friend will entreat you to declare yourself with arms.
But tie yourself up with a woman and, like a chained convict, you lose all freedom!
you forget yourself when you call me to account in that way.
Do not throw yourself away or sell yourself; give yourself away.
"You have betrayed yourself," said the queen, in a low tone of voice.
You must have seen for yourself that she has been over-fatigued, poor thing, by our long railway journeys: her nerves are out of order-- and she is just the person to be easily terrified by a dream.
"It's a great responsibility you've taken on yourself," said that lady gloomily, "especially when you've never had any experience with children.
"Razumihin told me just now that you think Nikolay guilty and had yourself assured him of it.
I would have you investigate it now with the sole view of forming to yourself some unexaggerated, intelligent estimate of whatever battering-ram power may be lodged there.
I do not ask you to bring it yourself, because I have a far more important commission to intrust to you.