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I created a list of historical presence data using herbarium specimens (Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium, University of Arizona Herbarium, University of Texas Herbarium), online databases (Global Diversity Information Facility,; Tropicos,; and Southwest Environmental Information Network, http://, and published localities (Campbell and Dick-Peddie, 1964; Younker and Andersen, 1986; Ohmart et al., 1988; Felger et al., 1997; Stromberg, 1997; Fleishman et al., 2003).
Following this discussion of what Musical Futures is, and is not, Susan O'Neill from Simon Fraser University and well-versed in the theory and practice of MF in both the UK and Canada, articulates the advantages of deep engagement by students for students; and, Betty Anne Younker uses her article to firmly situate MF in the context of critical thinking.
Being a younker I would have so much in Sindh festival for fun and enjoy and that is too in my own country Pakistan.
MacAdam replaces Colin Younker, who retired in late 2012.
Younker (2008) states that central nervous system depression resulting from drugs such as opiods, is the primary reason for airway obstruction post anaesthesia.
"Poverty--the ability to generate cash they can use for food, health, and education expenses," says Jessica Younker, Awamaki Weaving project coordinator.
Best Before: 1970s Younker A YOUNkER was a young gentleman or knight Best Before: 1920s Gilly gaupus Awkward, foolish or silly person Brannigan A drinking bout, spree or "binge" Hoddypeak A FOOL, noodle or blockhead Quagswagging The action of shaking to and fro Widdendream A state of mental disturbance or confusion Charabanc A mOTOR coach, especially one used for sightseeing tours Best Before: 1960s Banting sLiMMing by avoiding eating sugar, starch, and fat.
Communities In Bloom judges Lucy Chang and Roger Younker will present awards for "best use of white" and "best curb appeal."
White, Debra Elaine Windsor, Hilary Rae Younker, Katie Zahour
Norm Younker works exclusively in the area of plaintiff's tort law where he represents individuals in medical malpractice, and death, brain and spinal cord injury claims.
Smith), The Effect of Teacher Question Type on Student Engagement (WT (Ted) Stille IV), Teacher Gender, Student Gender, and Verbal Interaction (Mary Beth White), Oral Proficiency in Spanish (Gregory Williams), and Formative Assessment in Science (Kristy Younker).
of California at San Diego, US), Daviau (Near Eastern archaeology, Wilfrid Laurier U., Canada), Younker (Old Testament and biblical archaeology, Andrews University, US) and Shaer (Department of Antiquities of Jordan) present 54 papers from the conference.
Marin Younker, teen-services librarian at Seattle's Central Library.
Several authors address the subject of methodology: Thomas Davis, "Theory and Method in Biblical Archaeology"; David Merling, "The Relationship between Archaeology and the Bible: Expectations and Reality"; Randall Younker, "Integrating Faith, the Bible, and Archaeology: A Review of the 'Andrews University Way' of Doing Archaeology"; Millard, "Amorites and Israelites: Invisible Invaders--Modern Expectation and Ancient Reality"; John Monson, "The Role of Context and the Promise of Archaeology in Biblical Interpretation from Early Judaism to Post Modernity"; and Andrew Vaughn, "Can We Write a History of Israel Today?"