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Hailing the proposed schemes for youth development, the youngsters said that the laptop scheme already launched in Punjab had benefitted the students to pursue higher education.
Outside, a group of Roma youngsters is enjoying the sunshine on what turned out to be the final warm day of a long-appropriately named--"gipsy" summer.
We have just helped a youngster at Reading who needed a little bit more development.
FOOTBALL is helping tackle yob behaviour on Anglesey with youngsters pledging to stay on the straight and narrow in return to free soccer sessions.
While foraging, a meerkat often catches tidbits to give to youngsters that it doesn't see but still hears.
Complaints of young people riding bicycles or loitering on the streets at 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning prompted the city council, the police department, and concerned community members to find a way not only to protect these youngsters but also to help parents enforce their own curfew rules.
The easiest kind of youngster to mold is one with caring parents.
A mental health professional with special expertise in the area of child and adolescent trauma is the best person to help a youngster with PTSD.
entrepreneurial role models who can "engender personal self-confidence in the child and afford the youngster the opportunity to see what the business world is actually like" are also important.
Group activities, such as aerobic and square dancing, provide youngsters with severe disabilities opportunities to participate in age-appropriate and culturally popular activities with their peers.
Arsenal youngster Aaron Ramsey sent over a corner and defender Rhys Williams scored with a right-footer from eight yards.
One youngster poses a question that, to an outsider, seems shocking: "Does anyone know how to cut deep without having it sting and bleed too much?
Even establishing friendships outside African American peer groups or listening to music regarded as having a White orientation may subject a youngster to relentless censure.
The firms will be given pounds 60 a week to take on a jobless youngster, who will earn at least that in his or her new employment.
1) Place youngster in his/her most comfortable and functional position for using his/her hands.