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Stylish, youngish and always saying outrageous things, Audra is a firecracker who delights and embarrasses all at once.
Indeed, in 2016 there are encouraging signs of interest in actually owning a home by youngish professionals -- the elusive millennial generation -- and middle income small families.
vociferous, it was easy to have opinions being youngish, when years later her sister contacted me, monica missing, I could not say where she was, definitively, how long is something gone before the tragedy becomes antique, amelia earhart or your grandma's diamond ring, it was her sister called, or perhaps someone pretending.
Glue has more of a chance of staying the trip, and it was obvious within minutes of Monday night's debut that the targeted audience is your typical youngish E4 crowd, the type who watch other British yoof dramas on the channel like My Mad Fat Diary, Fresh Meat and Skins.
In the place of Sara Ivry, our inimitable host, you'll find a fellow named Mishy Harman, youngish, with a slightly nasal voice that reminds you of who's that guy?
THE BBC website featured over the weekend a picture of a youngish bride suffering what looked like a "wardrobe malfunction".
The only other witness to it was a youngish guy who looked like he didn't know how to react, and so just walked off.
They need youngish starters like Mike Minor and Julio Teheran to take the next step if they're going to make a playoff push with no clear ace in their rotation.
The difference this time is that the eight young and youngish contestants are all amateurs who claim to be passionate about hair.
Built in 2005 by a youngish couple, now divorced, who made a fortune during the boom.
Radcliffe said that he would like to get started on it before his thirties as he likes the idea of being a youngish parent, so that he gets the energy to play football with them.
Rollerblading yesterday morning along the footpath of Jumeirah Beach Road, I was hit at radical speed by a youngish woman driver who believed I was at fault for not stopping for her.
The photos accompanying the news reports of the 'troika' team portray youngish, professional people including women.
Member Punjab Assembly Mushin Latin, LCCI President Irfan Kaiser Sheikh, Senior Vice President Kashia Youngish Maher, Vice President Saied Nazar, Convener Lahore Shopping Festival Sheikh Mohammad Arched former LCCI Presidents and Executive Committee Members welcomed the participants at Liberty.
11, must surely be referring to youngish cyclists in his criticism about their lack of warning on approaching pedestrians.