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It's just that animals like elephant seals are cute and appealing, and we identify because it's a young mammal.
Anxious to help rescue the dying young mammal, we scrambled a world leading marine team from Kent, England, due to arrive at the scene at daybreak today.
Young mammals and birds are purposely placed into seclusion by their mothers to protect them from predators.
They also craved young mammals and even other dinosaurs.
when fledglings and young mammals are not fully mature).
Milk has nourished young mammals for millions of years, but only humans skim, shake, "chocolify," and otherwise alter and commodity the milk of other species.
It is a central feature in the lives of all young primates and most young mammals underscoring its lengthy evolutionary history and adaptive value.
A group of anglers spotted the young mammals as they enjoyed a spot of Bank Holiday Monday fishing on the River Rhymney.
In the developing brains of young mammals, these neuronal messages often fail to get through.
Of course, some young mammals pick up "dating" tricks by simply imitating their parents.
The problem with young mammals that are reared by people is that they get too dependent and then they are not able to fend for themselves.
In young chimpanzees and in young mammals of all types, there's a period when they give themselves over to play; they're dedicated to playing and exploring -- that's the juvenile stage.
What I said was that at a certain stage in evolution, young mammals developed distinctively babyish features which served as |releasing stimuli' for affectionate behaviour from adults.