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a fish that is young

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of " Sam, who applied himself and was amazed to get so far, will now go up against the nine other contenders for the event's top title - Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year Award.
They argue that if plastics are impacting young fish across species, it could have 'profound effects' on ecosystems".
He said: "To be crowned the UK's young fish fryer of the year is a dream come true.
I walked the banks near Bywell and found puddle after puddle on the banks that were left as levels fell - and these were full of tiny young fish, some of which I managed to put back into the river.
The results have been achieved by analyzing young fish caught from eight locations with varying levels of tree cover around Daisy Lake, Canada.
Lootah also urged the public to contribute to the preservation of the marine environment through supporting such eco-friendly projects and by not fishing during the breeding seasons or catching young fish.
Thanks to the team effort of everyone involved in this project, we are delighted to report the safe arrival of the young fish to their new home in Tabuk," Steve Manser, director of cargo charter sales at Saudia Cargo, said.
Nemo is Latin for "no one", hence the young fish quickly loses all of his siblings and his mum before being captured by fishermen.
It is hoped that by stocking these young fish over the next few years, the population of grayling in the river will return to healthy numbers.
They will look at a theory that higher temperatures could reduce the survival and distribution of fish larvae in marine waters because faster growth might result in starvation before young fish reach their nursery grounds.
The investors would also be provided with technical and logistic support necessary for the four farms, in addition to initially receiving young fish to breed.
Studies were conducted by the Australian Research Council's Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, and it reported that young fish and fish that rely on high oxygen consumption are most affected.
The receding ice has opened up larger areas of shallow Arctic water in the sea where young fish flee to avoid predators.
Young fish remained abundant last summer and fall in some areas of the Gulf of Mexico that were slammed by the catastrophic BP oil spill.
The regulation included the fish transportation and marketing subsidy, such as, the cooling equipment and containers in addition to boosting the fish farming including the establishment of fish farms and purchase of young fish and fish feed.
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