young buck

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a teenager or a young adult male

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the extension of mineralization in the tonalite-hosted Young Buck Zone with a 24.
The decoy pulled in curious young bucks, does, and fawns, but that was the extent of my success.
During his first hunting season, the young buck disappeared for nearly a month.
He even drove my first Pope and Young buck to me while I waited on stand (see "The Two Year Deer," Whitetail Special 2005).
Even when fully-grown the young buck, who was born at the zoo, will be merely 40cm tall.
In fact, 35 whole bullets were found in one 6 1/2-year-old doe, 15 were found in a young buck, and 14 were found in a 5 1/2-year-old buck.
Now, whether you pass up the shot on a young buck or not is up to you.
My goal for the season was to take my first Pope and Young buck, and I went out many times to scout during July.
If he is near full fitness, he should account for Young Buck, a winner over hurdles last month at Down Royal.
Mild-mannered 40-year-old Jimenez and abrasive young buck Garcia have had a number of spats about various issues down the years and they did not seem dovetail well yesterday.
For instance, Real Scent's Doe "P" or Young Buck scents can be used all season long, but the Doe in Estrus (or Same Doe, which is collected from a single, penned estrous doe), Young Buck in Rut gel, and Dominant Buck should be used closer to or during the rut.
While Andrea, 26, has been single for more than a year, despite being linked to every young buck around`.
You know, if you weren't such a young buck, I'd say you have Parkinson's,'' the doctor said.