young buck

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a teenager or a young adult male

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He added: "It was a young buck, between 18 months and two years old, one of last year's young.
Just like when I was a young buck, all that today's new generation of financial planners have to do is to partner with those who have the training, certification and/or experience.
Young Buck (The Life of the Fawn), 2005, and its mirror-image companion piece, Young Buck (The Life of the Fawn) #2 (both 2005), stare each other down from across the room, one inhabiting a sunny day, the other a slightly overcast one.
--My soldiers slangin' 'caine, sunny, snow, in sleet or rain (50 Cent and Young Buck, "Blood Hound")
Hip-hop's big night in Hollywood hosted Snoop Dogg, Lloyd Banks, Hi-Tek, Chingy, Young Buck, Tony YaYo and Mike Tyson, who described the pic as "tastefully done.
Lord Arthur Savile (John Sackville) and Miss Sybil Merton (the ever dotty and delectable Sara Crowe) are in a blissful whirl of pre-marital soppiness until the young buck has his palm read at the home of Lady Windermere (Susan Penhaligon).
Officials said that the young buck had probably made it onto airport ground from Interstate 190 in search of mates before entering Terminal 2 through a freight door and finding its way into the passenger area.
In many areas across the whitetail's range, it can be tempting to put your tag on a young buck. And we've all heard hunters say, "Well, if I don't kill him, my neighbor will!" However, after 16 years of working with private deer-management programs across the country, I've found hunters are just not that effective at killing them all!
I started to dissect the cover, and after 10 minutes I finally picked out the ears of a young buck bedded maybe 75 yards away.
"If the herd is healthy overall, any young buck taken will certainly mean that it, specifically, will not reach its maximum trophy potential, but it can't make a lot of difference to the trophy potential of the herd."
The group -- which also includes Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and new member Kidd Kidd -- released the album independently on the Caroline label, where 50 Cent released the album "Animal Ambition'' in June after years of being signed to Interscope and Eminem's Shady Records.
The five-year-old came up with the name Rodney for the young buck and she met up with the new arrival - who will be helping out at the real life nativity this year - as well as receiving this year's first gift from Santa.
"There is no more stringent test than New Zealand on their own patch.Wales have the right mix between the old head and the young buck coming through.
That's what I thought when I saw him skate as a young buck. Shredded Obituary shirt, energetic, voice 10 decibels louder, he dropped in on Colorado's most gnarly.
But he comes down heavily in favour of "young buck" Hook, declaring he is not only the man for the future, but the man of the moment too.