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A pound was issued to him weekly, as to the other boys; but as candles were available capital, and easily exchangeable for birds' eggs or young birds, Martin's pound invariably found its way in a few hours to Howlett's the bird-fancier's, in the Bilton road, who would give a hawk's or nightingale's egg or young linnet in exchange.
And each day she taught the young birds sweet songs, and as their gay music rang through the old forest, the stern, dark pines ceased their solemn waving, that they might hear the soft sounds stealing through the dim wood-paths, and mortal children came to listen, saying softly, "Hear the flowers sing, and touch them not, for the Fairies are here.
The first time a bird builds a nest, we can hardly suppose it knows that there will be eggs to be laid in it, or that it will sit on the eggs, or that they will hatch into young birds.
Now, if nature had to make the beak of a full-grown pigeon very short for the bird's own advantage, the process of modification would be very slow, and there would be simultaneously the most rigorous selection of the young birds within the egg, which had the most powerful and hardest beaks, for all with weak beaks would inevitably perish: or, more delicate and more easily broken shells might be selected, the thickness of the shell being known to vary like every other structure.
Symonds, one of the few persons who have landed here, informs me that he saw the crabs dragging even the young birds out of their nests, and devouring them.
CONSERVATIONISTS believe rogue gamekeepers are ruthlessly culling golden eagles after a tagged young bird disappeared.
Not content with his palatial surroundings, the young bird of prey has spread his 6ft wings on a quest for adventure.
Glenn Stewart, who directs the UC Santa Cruz program, carefully inspected each young bird on Monday morning, and attached a band to a leg of each.
RSPCA inspector Leanne Hardy, who picked up the young bird from the park in Tuebrook, said: "I was surprised by how tame the hawk was when I went to take him to our wildlife centre.
He said: "We don't know if it's male or female but it is a young bird and inexperienced, so he's missed the mainland while migrating from Africa.
The children see how clumsy the young bird is and how granddad changes his pattern of throwing bread so that the bird can be fed.
Highly recommended as a useful supplementary resource, and a font of rainy-day fun for young bird lovers
YOUNG bird lovers from Birdsedge have been honing their skills and helping to build bird boxes.
The young Bird used to open the batting for Barnsley with a certain Geoffrey Boycott, even if he didn't catch his name right.
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