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Connecting with and seeking out young adults is our first and foremost priority.
Woodson, a Black icon in the teen genre, draws the "unlikely friendship" between a young affluent Black girl and a poor, white girl as they begin to learn the similarities and differences between the sufferings they face.
On the Web site, young CPAs can find tools and resources to help them map out their skill development needs, get networking and work/life balance advice and learn about CPE options.
The current ``Freedom of Speech '06'' show represents CSNY's third tour of the new millennium (and only its fourth in 36 years), following the 2000 reunion -- the quartet's first since Young left the group in 1974 -- and its sequel two years later.
Young Artist Woodwind: Jennifer Nelson, Illinois; Jonathan Keeble, teacher
John Paul II told young people that there is every reason for the truth of the Cross to be called the Good News.
By the end of the event, which attracted 3,000 participants, it was clear to Noble, executive director of the gay political group National Stonewall Democrats, that gay rights groups have their work cut out for them if they want to convince young gay men and lesbians to become a political powerhouse in 2004.
Public speaking is a skill young people need for life--it culls out leadership and produces a different kind of leader.
The target age range for the clientele of the Young Men's Clinic is 13-30.
At this critical juncture, 17-year-old police cadet Julian Covella, who was accompanying Young on his shift that night, risked his life to assist.
The major gaps in research about public library services for children and young adults can be summarized as four questions:
Young, Doctrine and Devotion in Seventeenth-Century Poetry: Studies in Donne, Herbert, Crashaw, and Vaughan
have programs and Web sites designed for young people.
Thanks to a partnership recently forged between the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (Youth Business), the Northwestern Ontario Technology Centre (NOTC) and the Young Entrepreneurs of Thunder Bay YETB, aspiring young entrepreneurs in Thunder Bay have easier access to the funding necessary to start up their own businesses.
But they also hold that while we develop strategies to prevent dangerous activities, we must be equally adamant about stating positive goals that we wish all young people to achieve and then begin helping them to reach those goals.