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Synonyms for yottabyte

a unit of information equal to 1000 zettabytes or 10^24 bytes

a unit of information equal to 1024 zebibytes or 2^80 bytes

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I started taking thousands of rolls of pointless photographs for which I evidently needed yottabytes of space in the iCloud.
Furthermore, in the age of zettabytes on the way to yottabytes, the designers, engineers, and managers of future smart systems will depend on cognition as a service.
Considering that the NSA is already storing yottabytes of surveillance information (tech crunch.com/2009/11/01/nsa-to-store-yottabytes-of-surveil lance-data-in-utah-megarepository) it is clear why there are already discussions about dealing with brontobytes of data.
For example, it says a brontobyte, "the size of the digital universe tomorrow," equates to 1,000 yottabytes (1 quadrillion gigabytes).
The Associated Press estimates that there are 500,000 employees of private contractors "who have access to the government's most sensitive secrets." In Bluffdale, Utah, the NSA is spending $2 billion to build what may be one of the largest data-storage facilities on the planet (with its own bizarre fireworks), capable of storing almost inconceivable yottabytes of information.
Terrorism is sensational news and commands an expanding share of public attention, even in a world of terabytes (perhaps yottabytes) where only headlines are noticed by increasingly illiterate populations.
At the pace at which unmanned aircraft and other technologies are being deployed, some sources are projecting that the total volume of data gathered could increase to the level of yottabytes (one septillion bytes) by 2015--a volume that the Defense Department's global information grid simply cannot store.
The terminology related to data has progressed from datasets of mega bytes, to datasets of gigabytes (10 to the ninth power), to datasets of terabytes (10 to twelfth power), to petabytes (10 to the fifteenth power), exabyte (10 to the eighteenth power), zettabytes (10 to the twenty-first power), and yottabytes (10 to the twenty-fourth power).
* Future data jockeys will be measuring digital capacity in yottabytes. Thanks to growing digital storage capacity, data will be measured in yottabytes (1 septillion bytes of data) by 2050.