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Synonyms for yonder

distant but within sight ('yon' is dialectal)


Related Words

at or in an indicated (usually distant) place ('yon' is archaic and dialectal)


References in classic literature ?
I used to learn all these feat by heart yonder, down at Pierrefonds, and I have done all that he did except breaking a cord by the corrugation of my temples."
But first barricade the first door well; then we will follow yonder cavalier."
"Who is that big red fellow, yonder above them, who is sweating?" pursued Gringoire.
"Come now, monsieur, said Gringoire, "pray what are all those fine fellows doing yonder?"
"Now, yonder, is a thicket before us," he continued, pointing forward, "where we may lie till tall trees grow on these naked fields, afore any of the squatter's kin will venture to molest us."
"Well, my friend, I shall go over yonder, and with my forty men, I shall carry him off, pack him up, and bring him into France, where two modes of proceeding present themselves to my dazzled eyes."
The sufferer told him the whole circumstance, and says, 'Now yonder's the hole, and if you don't believe me, go and look for yourself.' So this fellow went and looked, and comes back and says, "How many did you say you put in there?' 'Not any less than two tons,' says the sufferer.
You draw up a paper--bill o' sale-- en put it 'way off yonder, down in de middle o' Kaintuck somers, en sign some names to it, en say you'll sell me cheap 'ca'se you's hard up; you'll find you ain't gwine to have no trouble.
There they lie, the water-snakes, in Freshwater Bay; and mark the reek of smoke from yonder point, where they have been at their devil's work.
It was debated whether or no, with safety to the commonweal, yonder scarlet letter might be taken off your bosom.
"Who is that spider-legged gorilla yonder with the sanctimonious countenance?"
Methinks that I felt the presence of my brother's minion, even when I least guessed whom yonder suit of armour enclosed.''
"Give us arms," the young man haughtily replied, "and place us in yonder woods.
"'It is this, my son,' he gasped, 'that I am poisoned, and she stands yonder who has done the deed.' And he pointed to the woman, who stood at the side of the hut near the door, her chin upon her breast, trembling as she looked upon the fruit of her wickedness.
"Yonder is the grave-island, the silent isle; yonder also are the graves of my youth.